How To Make A Strong And Firm Statement With Black-Framed Windows And Doors

White frames seem to be really popular these days with both windows and doors, both for the indoors and the outdoors. But seems to me that white is not exactly the best color. Wouldn’t you say black is a much better fit? It’s simple, elegant and great for creating contrasts. Just take a look at these examples and you’ll understand what we mean.

Black frame large window doorView in gallery

The sleek black frames on these floor-to-ceiling glass walls are the perfect choice for this modern living room. The frames contrast with the light-colored walls and they actually also perfectly complement the rest of the interior design too.

Bricks exposed walls for kitchenView in gallery

Yes, it’s true that straight-forward color such as black are most often used for creating contrasts but, in the case of the window frames, for example, it would look just as elegant when complemented by brick walls and other dark colors.

Ecletic living room with wood crates coffee table and black frame windowsView in gallery

Black-framed windows are a particularly great option if you’re going for an industrial-style interior design. The strong and neutral color will look great when combined with exposed brick walls, pallet furniture and unfinished ceilings.

Accent wall bedroom black frame folding doorsView in gallery

Black frames, whether for doors or for windows, are also a particularly wonderful option in the case of contemporary interior designs. This bedroom, for example, features a very clean and simple décor and the folding doors are the most wonderful accent feature.

Contemporary eclectic sunroom black framedView in gallery

It’s best to match the frames of the windows and doors, especially when the two are in such close proximity to each other such as in this case. An eclectic design based on strong contrasts and combinations of modern and traditional details.

White living room black window frameView in gallery

What better color for a minimalist interior design than black? Combine it with white for a clean and elegant look. It;s why the black-framed windows and the white walls, ceiling and floor are a perfect match.

White traditional kitchen black window firmView in gallery

Thanks to the versatility of the color, this type of window frames are a very nice choice for any type of interior, regardless of the style. This farmhouse kitchen, for example, looks very inviting and the black-framed windows are the element that brings together the whole décor.

Contemporary bedroom black frame windowView in gallery

Choose black if you want to add harmony to an interior design dominated by simple colors such as these shades of gray. It’s a way to break the monotony with strong yet subtle contrasts.

Mediterranean living room design View in gallery

This Mediterranean living room is yet another example that shows just how versatile black-framed windows and doors are in comparison with other types. You simply can’t go wrong with black.

Inviting dining room black frameView in gallery

A very elegant but also very inviting dining room with a chic farmhouse-style interior design. Notice how black is used to frame the whole décor and how the stone wall creates the transition from black to white.

Strong firm office design black frameView in gallery

A home office could definitely use a strong and firm décor. It’s why dark-stained furniture makes such a great choice for this space and why black-framed windows are one of the best options. It’s best to keep it simple and, most often, that means using simple and basic colors such as black and white.