5 Ways to Decorate Your Bay Window

If you are lucky enough to have a bay window somewhere inside you’re home, then you must have figured out by now that it needs just as much catering in terms of styling as any other part of the home. But don’t sweat it, it’s not as hard as you think it may be to figure out how to design the space. Whether you want to use the window as a cohesive part of you home or make it stand on its own; we’ve got ways to inspire you and to help you decide what to do with that extra amenity!

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The most typical places you will find a bay window is in the living room, kitchen and sometimes even in bedrooms. Before you make plans on decorating you  must consider where its located. Obviously, a bay window in a kitchen would be quite different than in a bedroom. And don’t worry if there isn’t a seat attached, this is an easy fix. You can have a seat built in, or leave it clear and use it as a desk area or a small breakfast nook.

Take a moment to look through these great ideas and ways to decorate your bay window.

#1. Turn it into a desk.

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For a wonderful place to fit your home office, choose your bay window area. Instead of adding a seating area, add a piece that will be high enough to act as a desk. You’ll have natural, bright light for your work during the day and the office-esque vibe won’t take up a huge chunk of your home. Also, adding a room partition is an easy way to add even more style and give yourself a bit more privacy during work hours.

#2. Add drapery panels.

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They will add instant elegance and class to any bedroom bay window. The room will look longer, cleaner and crisper with a pair of beautiful drapery panels. Just make sure they’re installed correctly and you’ve got one heck of a face-lift for your bedroom.

#3. Keep it simple.

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For a chic and modern look, keep the area monochromatic to the rest of the room’s design and add some solid roman shades. Place a sofa, chair or side table to mask too much bright light and you get the view without the extravagance on the inside.{1,2 and 3 from hgtv}.

#4. Add soft seating.

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Maybe you want the area to be inviting to your guests, a place to rest and read or to watch your kids play as you cuddle up with your new kitten; no matter the circumstance soft seating is a must to fully enjoy the benefits of a bay window. Whether it’s upholstered or just an added cushion, soft is inviting!{found on site}.

#5. Transform it into a breakfast nook.

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Perfect for the kitchen and morning meals, turning your bay window area (located in the kitchen) into a breakfast nook is a great way to start the day. Add some bright colors or pastels to keep it sunny and enjoy every morning with a nice view and natural lighting.{found on meredith}.