5 Trends In Window Coverings For 2012

Window coverings have come back into the market with a boom today. There are a variety of window coverings available in the market nowadays. Buying the covering most suitable for the home is very important. There are many things which rule the purchase of these products. They have to be purchased considering the budget available, the type of home, the location of the homes etc. Velvet draperies have taken the step back into the market at present. They have a special way of catching light which gives them the exquisite look.

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Bamboo window coverings are also a very good option if the person wants to allow more light and air. They can be rolled up when excess light is required or can be rolled down otherwise.

Combining different tones of colors which are near opposites are a new trend. These contrast colors are placed alternate to one another to give the room an overall class and appealing look. Using white or light colored draperies can give the room a look of brightness and volume.

Some people even prefer the length of the draperies pooling at the foot of the window. If the room is small try hanging the draperies from the ceiling rather than from the window sill. Placing the draperies in such a fashion will make the room appear higher. This look could be enhanced by using draperies of suitable colors with vertical stripes.

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The person could even experiment draperies with fun pictures on the windows. Try placing them on the windows and checking their suitability for the homes before buying them from the market. If the walls are already dark colors avoid using darker draperies this will provide an overall dull atmosphere in the house. Bamboo blinds require a maintenance from time to time just like all other draperies.Many people prefer them because of their looks and advantages.{all pics from houzz}.