10 Benefits A Bedroom Without A TV Can Bring

Having a TV in the bedroom has become a must. It’s nice to have something to watch before you go to sleep. But with comfort also come disadvantages.Have you even considered taking the TV out of the bedroom? It can be quite healthy. Here are 10 good reasons to do that.

1. You sleep better.

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Sure, it’s nice to having something to watch just before you fall asleep. It helps you relax. But even if you can set a timer for the TV so it can shut down after you fall asleep, you often refuse to do so. The result: you stay up late and you have a sleepless night.

2. Good example for the kids.

How can you tell your children that they can’t stay up late watching TV when this is exactly what you’re doing in your room? Set a good example for the kids by removing your TV and theirs from the bedroom.

3. More time for conversation.

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During the day there’s also something more important you have to take care of instead of sitting down and talking with your partner. So what remains is the time you get in the bedroom during the late hours of the day. Of course, if the TV is on, you might postpone that once again.

4. More free space.

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Just consider this: if you take the TV out of the bedroom you suddenly have a lot of free space you can use for something else. That’s a great thing especially in a small bedroom.

5. Less dust.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the TV attracts tons of dust. Dust is very bad, especially in the bedroom where everything has to be clean so you can relax and have a tranquil sleep.

6. More time for reading

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If you can’t watch TV the next best thing is to read something. When you read, the eyes get tired faster and you fall asleep, which is great for you in the evening after a long day full of events.

7. You save money on electricity.

Maybe you’re not noticing now, but the TV in your bedroom consumes a lot of energy, especially if it stays on all night. So why not try to save some money?

8. No more distractions from the real problems.

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The TV creates a sense of comfort and it often makes you forget or postpone certain problems you might have in the family. But they don’t simply disappear. They pile on and you end up with a huge problem that can’t be solved with a simple “sorry”.

9. A more realistic approach on life.

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The TV creates certain expectations and images which are not real and so we’re disappointed when life goes exactly as it should and not like on TV. Avoid these unrealistic expectations by focusing on the real life.

10. Get ready faster.

If the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to turn on the TV then you have a problem. The TV distracts you and it takes longer for you to get ready.

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