Visiting the Amazon headquarters in Iaşi, Romania

Amazon Development Center had recently moved its headquarters in the new office building that’s part of the larger project called Palas. The new space is a 2000 sq m area and it presents several advantages. The building is located in center of the city and this offers the employees easy access to the nearby restaurants and relaxation areas. Also, the hotels located in that area are another advantage as employees from the other Amazon centers often visit this location. Finally, there’s also the underground parking space that has been created as part of the Palas project.

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The new headquarter is designed as an open space and it includes 10 meeting rooms and a very nice relaxing area that includes things like restaurants, a billiard room, an xbox and massage chairs. There are no official information regarding the number of employees working there, neither the number of parking spaces. However, we know that in the late 2009 there were 29 persons working at the Amazon and that in the summer of 2010 there were another 12 free spots on the Amazon’s website.

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The building where the new Amazon headquarter is located is a 5 storey structure with 7.300 sq m of rentable property. Approximately 6.510 sq m of that space represents office spaces and 795 sq m are commercial areas. Overall, the Palas project features 3 office buildings with a total of 20.000 sq m of A class office spaces.{pics from amazon}