Google‘s new London headquarters

We have analyzed Google’s philosophy in interior design on several occasions. By now we already know that they prefer to focus on functionality and efficiency rather than looks and opulent elements. Once again, we have the opportunity to take a look at their headquarters. This time it’s the one that was newly designed in London.

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It was a project by PENSON and it combined elements that define the city and elements specific to the company and its philosophy. The color palette includes the specific shades also found in the other Google offices and headquarters. This time the differences are visible and the historic element is quite strong. The interior was decorated with Union Jack flags and old-fashioned furniture. The result is a space divided into several areas with specific functions and decors.

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The headquarters features both indoor and outdoor work spaces as well as a series of work-related and recreational areas. There’s also a gym, a dance studio, a café and a large event room names Town Hall that can accommodate 200 persons. The communal areas resemble traditional living rooms. They feature rocking chairs, cozy poufs and high-back armchairs. The outdoor work areas are called Secret Gardens and the whole design has a tendency to be somewhere in between past and present, fantasy and reality. The company’s logo is represented in a more eye-catching manner than usual, with tiny lights that outline its contour.