Basic Tips For Weekly Cleaning

Regardless how hard you try to keep the house clean every day, you still need to spend one day at the end of the week cleaning the whole place. If you don’t want to waste an entire day doing that, you need to be productive. You have to know what to do and how to do it and to avoid wasting time with tasks that won’t improve anything. But what exactly are we supposed to focus on? Well, these tips should help.

Organize the cabinets.

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Before you start cleaning the rugs and the floors, you should take care of the inside of the cabinets. Make sure the clothes are arranged nicely, that the dishes sit beautifully and that everything is where it’s supposed to be. Do this weekly and you’ll avoid the mess.

Clean the windows.

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Let the light in and everything will seem brighter and more beautiful. Take the time to fully clean the windows and don’t limit yourself to spot cleaning the fingerprints. Use newspaper and a combination of vinegar and water and your windows will shine in no time.

The blinds need cleaning too.

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You know how you sometimes take a closer look at your blinds and you see the dust covering them completely? Avoid that by remembering to clean them every week. This way the dust won’t pile up and you won’t have to spend hours cleaning the blinds. Take them one by one and use vinegar and water to wipe them clean.

Take a look underneath the furniture.

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When you replace a piece of furniture or an appliance and you take out the old one, there’s always lots of dust and dirt underneath it. Try to avoid this unpleasant moment by taking a few seconds to clean underneath your furniture. If you do this every week, your home will always be clean. Also, remember to wash behind all the appliances.

Clean the mattresses.

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Even though the bed is always protected by the bedding, dust and other things still leave their imprint on the mattress in time. Make sure you vacuum the beds and use a mixture of vinegar, peroxide and water to spray the mattress and then sprinkle some baking soda on it. Vacuum and your bed should be like new.

Don’t forget the pets.

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Now that you’ve cleaned your bed and furniture, it’s time to clean the pet’s bed too. Don’t ignore it just because you’re not the one using it. Replace the covers with clean ones, remove all the unwanted hair and clean the mattress if there is one. Then clean all the toys. This will help you prevent fleas, ticks and other unwanted visitors.

Clean the drains.

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We usually seem to think that if the drain is not clogged it must be clean. Ideally, you should clean it regularly so it never gets clogged. So take the time to take care of the problem. It only takes a minute. Pour one half cup of baking soda down the drain and then one cup of boiling vinegar. Flush with water and you’re done.

Clean the vents.

We count on the vents to maintain clean air in our homes but we often forget that they need cleaning too. So get rid of all the unwanted dust and clean the vents thoroughly. Vacuum any debris out of the air ducts and the air will get cleaner as well. It might not be a weekly task but you should do it once a month.

Don’t forget the dishwasher.

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We count on the dishwasher to clean our dishes but we usually forget that it too needs cleaning. You can’t expect your dishes to be spotless when the dishwasher is not clean. So wipe down the interior with lemon juice and baking soda. Then put 2 cups of vinegar in and use the hottest cycle to make sure everything gets clean.

Attention to detail.

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When vacuuming the floors you also need to pay attention to the baseboards. Dust accumulates in these spaces and it should not be visible. So clean the molding and also get in all the corners. It’s important not to ignore these little spaces because they will reflect badly on the whole house.

Clean the brushes.

After you’re done dusting and cleaning, remember to also clean all the brushes. They accumulate dust and dirt and they put it back into circulation every time you use them. Remember to also clean your combs and hairbrushes regularly. Some soap and warm water should be sufficient.