What’s the Best Mirror Cleaner?

A good mirror cleaner is just as important as your cleaning technique for streak-free glass.

Mirror Cleaner

Bathroom mirrors get covered in gunk fast. Splashes of toothpaste, makeup, and skincare products can cause a mirror to go from clean to dotted in a short amount of time.

We’ve tested many of the top store-bought and homemade mirror cleaners. Here’s the best from each category, plus mirror cleaning tips for a streak-free shine.

The Best Store-Bought Mirror Cleaner

If you’re looking for the best store-bought mirror cleaner, consider Invisible Glass. While this cleaner has a slight alcohol scent, it wipes away dirt and grime with ease.

We tested this cleaner on a bathroom mirror soiled with dried-on toothpaste and foundation. After one use, the mirror was clean and streak-free.

If you want an eco-friendly glass cleaner, Method did almost as well.

The Best Homemade Mirror Cleaner

For the best homemade mirror cleaner, fill a glass spray bottle with half-white distilled vinegar and half water. Use this spray to break down grease and grime on mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces.

A hard-working alternative is a mix of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap. Make this by filling a spray bottle with 1 cup of 70% rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of white distilled vinegar, and 3 drops of dish soap.

The Best Mirror Cleaner Cloths

The best mirror and glass cleaner rags are microfiber or lint-free cloths. For the best experience, use both. Start by cleaning your mirror with a microfiber cloth—the tiny fibers will aid in breaking down stuck-on gunk. Then dry the mirror with a lint-free cloth to prevent streaking.

Tip: Using paper towels to clean your mirror can leave behind small pieces of paper and cause your mirror to look dusty. 

How to Clean a Mirror so Its Streak Free

Follow these steps to clean your mirror:

  • Spray glass cleaner on the mirror
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the mirror, moving from top to bottom and then side to side.
  • Dry the mirror with a lint-free cloth (optional)

After cleaning, inspect the mirror. If you missed a spot, spray it with your glass cleaner and wipe it clean.

Depending on how dirty your mirror is, it may look streaky the first time you clean it. If this is the case, grab a new (clean) microfiber cloth and reclean the mirror. Once a cloth becomes too dirty, it spreads dirt rather than absorbing it, which causes the streaks.

How to Clean a Hazy Mirror

There are two reasons mirrors develop a haze or get foggy. The first is product buildup, which can include toothpaste, soap, and the wrong types of cleaners. The other issue is a problem with the backing of the mirror.

To eliminate fog from product build-up, clean your mirror with a combination of half vinegar and water. The acid in the vinegar will cut through the haze.

If your mirror looks hazy even after cleaning, it’s a problem with the backing, which isn’t fixable.

How Often to Clean Your Mirrors

Clean your bathroom mirror once per week or more if you have a large family. Dust decorative mirrors as needed and clean them with a glass cleaner every 1-2 months.

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