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Method Glass Cleaner Review

Method Glass Cleaner is a plant-based spray that promises to eliminate dirt, fingerprints, and smudges without harsh chemicals.

In our effort to find the best glass cleaner, we put the product to the test. We used it on dirty windows and mirrors and rated it on effectiveness and ease of use.

Method Glass Cleaner Review

Find out how it stacks up in our Method Glass Cleaner Review.

Method Glass Cleaner Overview

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Scent: Waterfall Scent – light and pleasant
  • Ease of use: Easy, requires light scrubbing on dirt build-up
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Method Glass Cleaner is ammonia free and safe for windows, glass tiles, mirrors, and glass tables. It comes in many scents and uses plant-derived ingredients. While most ingredients are all-natural, it does contain synthetic fragrances.

Directions: Spray, wipe, and admire.

How We Tested Method Glass Cleaner

I tested Method Glass Cleaner on windows and mirrors of various dirt levels. I sprayed it and wiped it off with a paper towel.

It cleans well on surfaces that have minimal dirt build-up. But I also tested it on extra dirty glass like the kitchen window that my kids smudge with messy fingerprints and my oldest daughter’s bathroom mirror littered with toothpaste and makeup.

Here’s how it worked: Method Glass Cleaner requires some scrubbing to remove heavy build-up but still cleans well. 

In my kids’ bathroom, I clean half the mirror with Invisible Glass Cleaner and half with Method Glass Cleaner. On the Method side, there is slight streaking where I tried to clean up dried-on toothpaste. On the Invisible Glass Cleaner side, there is zero streaking.

Overall I think Method is a good glass cleaner comparable to homemade versions. But for a perfect clean, you may have to go over some areas twice.

Pros and Cons of Method Glass Cleaner

Here’s what to consider before purchasing this cleaner:


  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Cleans well and easy to use
  • Light, fresh scent
  • Safe for multiple glass surfaces


  • Left slight streaking on extra dirty surfaces
  • Requires light-medium scrubbing on dirt build-up
  • Overspray gets a soapy texture

Who Method Glass Cleaner is For

Method Glass Cleaner is ideal if you’re looking for a plant-based product and don’t want to make your own. It works well and is a good choice if you clean your glass on a regular basis and don’t experience a lot of grease, dirt, or toothpaste build-up.

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