How to Clean a Duster

Cleaning a duster involves removing the duster head and washing it. But the specific steps depend on which type of duster you own.

Over time, your duster becomes full of dust and dander. If you don’t clean it out, dirt will spread around your house, canceling out your cleaning job. 

Here’s how to clean a duster according to its type.

How to Clean a Feather Duster

How to Clean a Duster

To clean your feather duster, fill a sink or large bowl with warm water and a drop of dish soap. Submerge the feather duster head. Swirl the duster in the water until the feathers appear clean. Rinse under running water until the water runs clear.

If you’ve removed the duster head from the handle, reassemble and hang the duster to dry. By hanging the duster, the feathers won’t dry distorted. If you can’t hang the duster, lay it on a dish towel and rotate it every 30 minutes to avoid one side from flattening.

Make sure the duster is fully dry before you use it again.

How to Clean a Cloth Duster

If you have a cloth or microfiber duster, wash it with soapy water or run it through the washing machine using a gentle detergent. No matter the cleaning method you use, air dry your cloth dusters. Using fabric softener on microfiber results in a waxy build-up on the fibers, causing these cloths to no longer attract dust.

How to Clean a Synthetic Duster

The best way to wash your synthetic dusters is with warm soapy water. Start by filling your sink with water and then add a couple of drops of dish soap. Next, submerge the duster head and loosen the stuck-on dirt with your fingers. Then, rinse the duster until the water runs cleaner.

If possible, hang the duster to dry. If you can’t, lay it on a towel and rotate it every 30 minutes.

How to Clean a Dust Mop

The best way to clean a dust mop is to use a vacuum attachment and suction dust off it.

Other ways to clean a dust mop include holding the mop head over the trash and shaking it or using a soft-bristled brush to dislodge the dirt.

How to Clean a California Car Duster

If you dust your car’s exterior with a California Car Duster, you can use it many times before washing it. The cotton strands have a wax coating that picks up dust instead of moving it around. 

You’ll know it’s time to wash the duster when it pushes dust around rather than picking it up.

First, try shaking it outside to release the dirt. You can also spray it with a can of pressurized air. According to the manufacturer, you can wash it with cool water and mild soap as a last resort. But doing so may reduce its effectiveness.

When to Clean a Duster

Clean your duster whenever it starts pushing around dirt instead of picking it up. Before this happens, you’ll notice thick dust or a brown coating on your duster.