How to Clean a Toilet

Do you need to know how to clean a toilet? While the work isn’t glamorous, the steps are quite simple.

clean toilet

If you have the proper supplies, you can disinfect and remove stains in minutes. Here’s what to do.

Supplies for Cleaning a Toilet

Before you get to cleaning, round up the following supplies:

How to Clean a Toilet: Step by Step

Put on your rubber gloves and follow these steps for a sparkling clean and disinfected toilet.

Step 1: Clean the Lid, Rim, Toilet Seat, and Base

Spray your toilet seat, lid, rim, flush handle, and the toilet’s base with a disinfecting cleaner. Then wipe clean with paper towels.

For full disinfecting, allow the cleaner to sit for 2-10 minutes before wiping it off. Refer to the bottle for specific instructions.

Tip: You can use disinfecting wipes instead of a spray cleaner and paper towels.

Step 2: Squirt Toilet Bowl Cleaner Under the Rim

Squirt toilet bowl cleaner under the rim of the toilet, ensuring it coats the walls and travels down to the bottom of the bowl. 

If you’re using a disinfecting toilet bowl cleaner, allow it to sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing it with your toilet bowl brush. Use gentle motions so you don’t slosh any water out. 

You may need to reapply the toilet bowl cleaner on stains and use more pressure when scrubbing.

Afterward, flush the toilet to rinse. 

Step 3: Clean the Toilet Brush

Rinse your toilet bowl brush in the clean toilet water, tap off excess moisture, and spray it with disinfecting cleaner before returning it to the caddy. Finally, mist the toilet bowl caddy with a disinfectant to kill lingering germs.

Troubleshooting How to Clean a Toilet

If you’re new to toilet cleaning, these tips can help you make the best of it.

  • Opt for a disposable wand system if a toilet bowl brush grosses you out. These wands come with disposable sponges preloaded with cleaner. 
  • Eliminate toilet rings with a pumice stone. If you have a stubborn ring, a pumice stone will scrub it off without scratching the bowl.
  • Use automatic tablets that drop in the back of your tank if you don’t clean often. These tablets will repel stains, keeping your toilet clean between scrubbings.
  • You can clean your toilet with white distilled vinegar, but if you do, don’t mix it with any bleach-containing products.
  • Replace your toilet bowl brush about every three months.