How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet

Lighting a candle is an easy way to elevate the ambiance in your house, but when one gets knocked over, the hot wax splatters can bring down the mood. Don’t panic – removing candle wax from carpet is easy, and you don’t need any special products to do so.

get wax from carpet

How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet

What You’ll Need:

  • a butter knife
  • ice cubes (in a baggie)
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • a dish towel or brown paper bag
  • an iron
  • carpet cleaner (or rubbing alcohol)

1. Freeze The Wax.

Place a bag of ice cubes on the wax. Ice will harden it, making it easier to peel away.

If your bag of ice starts to “sweat,” wrap it in a hand towel to prevent the wax from getting wet.

2. Scrape It Off.

scraping candle wax from carpet with a butter knife

After a few minutes of ice, scrape the wax off with a butter knife. 

If you don’t have a knife,  use a credit card or something with a solid edge.

3. Vacuum Up.

Vacuum loose wax left on the floor. 

4. Melt And Absorb.

Melting wax in carpet with an iron and paper towels

If wax remains after you vacuum, use an iron to melt it off. Place a dish towel or paper bag on the wax and iron over it using low heat. The towel or bag will absorb the wax as it melts. Be careful not to use medium or high heat, as high temperatures can burn your carpet fibers, leaving a noticeable spot.

5.Clean The Carpet.

cleaning a wax stain from carpet with a stain removing product

After the wax is removed, clean the area with a carpet cleaner. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, spray a spot treatment spray or diluted rubbing alcohol on the wax stain and wipe with a dampened microfiber cloth.

Finally, brush the carpet with a soft-bristle brush, and you’re finished.

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet without an Iron

Removing candle wax from carpet with a blow dryer

You don’t have to use an iron to get wax out of the carpet, but you will need something that produces heat – like a blowdryer.

Here’s what to do:

  • Hold an ice cube on the wax to freeze it, and then use a credit card or butter knife to scrape it off.
  • Vacuum the loosened wax.
  • Lay a paper towel over the remaining wax and use the blow dryer to blast hot air over it until the wax melts and the paper towel starts absorbing it. Switch out the paper towel as needed.
  • Once you’ve removed the wax, clean your carpet with an appropriate stain remover.

The Different Types Of Wax and How They Affect Carpet

Some waxes are easy to remove from the carpet, while others set in, requiring more heat. Here’s an overview of the different types of waxes and how they’ll affect your carpet fibers.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin is the most common type of wax, found in crayons, candles, and scented wax melts. It contains petroleum and releases benzene under hot temperatures. It’s easy to absorb with a towel or paper towel once heated.

Coconut Wax

Small candle makers may use coconut wax, but you won’t find it at large retail stores. Unlike other natural wax, coconut is softer than paraffin and easier to remove from carpet

Soy Wax

Soy wax is denser than paraffin wax and requires greater heat to melt. Most natural candles have soy wax.


Beeswax is another household favorite. It releases negative ions when burned that eliminate dust, mold, and other allergens.

If you spill beeswax on your carpet, it will lift off in one piece.

Palm Wax

Palm wax contains palm tree oil and is harder than other natural wax.


Although rosin isn’t wax, it is often paired with it. For example, body waxes contain beeswax and rosin. It’s found in makeup, adhesives, and other household materials.