The Best Methods for Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers can add refinement to any space. But as nice as they are to look at, cleaning one involves a lot of detail.

Even though it might seem intimidating, cleaning a crystal chandelier doesn’t have to be time-consuming. We’ll show you how to clean a crystal chandelier without taking it down and a deeper cleaning method.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

Supplies to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

  • Feather duster
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • Distilled water
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cotton gloves 

Our crystal chandelier cleaning recipes calls for one part rubbing alcohol and three parts distilled water. For example, if you add ¼ cup of alcohol to your spray bottle, you’ll need to add one cup of distilled water.

And because crystals are prone to fingerprints and smudges, it’s a good idea to wear white cotton gloves when cleaning.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier without Taking it Down (Easy and Effective)

Before getting started, shut off the power source to the chandelier. If your chandelier is covered in dust, clean it with a feather duster or microfiber cloth. Failure to do so may lead to streaky dirt on your prisms. It’s a good idea to feather dust your chandelier once per month to prevent dust accumulation.

To clean a crystal chandelier without taking it down, mist a microfiber cloth with an alcohol and water solution and wipe each crystal individually. You’ll need to stand on a chair or small step ladder to reach the crystals and wear white cotton gloves to avoid smudges.

Work on one section at a time, cleaning from top to bottom. 

How to Deep Clean a Crystal Chandelier

If you’re uncomfortable standing on a chair or it’s too high to do so safely, you can disassemble and deep clean your crystal chandelier.

  • If your chandelier is intricate, take pictures before you start so you know how to reassemble it.
  • Shut off the chandelier and put your cotton gloves on to avoid smudges and fingerprints.
  • Lay a towel on your kitchen table or other work surface area
  • Remove the crystals from the chandelier and lay them on your work surface
  • Dust the base of the chandelier using a feather duster, and carefully wipe it down if needed
  • Spray your microfiber cloth with a mix of one part alcohol to four parts water and wipe each crystal. 
  • After wiping, dry with a fresh microfiber cloth
  • Repeat on each crystal until all are clean and dust free
  • Reassemble the chandelier

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier without Wiping

Sprays like Brilliante Crystal Chandelier cleaner allow you to clean a crystal chandelier without wiping. Instead, these sprays drip dry. 

To use this no-wipe cleaner, you’ll need to turn off the power to the chandelier and allow it to cool. Then tighten all light bulbs so the cleaner can’t penetrate the sockets. Next, lay a towel on the floor under the chandelier. Then spray the crystals from top to bottom and let the cleaner drip dry. Wait 90 minutes before turning the lights back on.

How Do You Clean a Crystal Chandelier on a High Ceiling?

If you have high ceilings and don’t have the necessary safety equipment to clean your chandelier, call a professional cleaning company. Unless you’re comfortable on a ladder, it’s not worth the risk of doing it yourself.

Other Cleaners You Can Use on a Crystal Chandelier

Rubbing alcohol is a top cleaner for crystal chandeliers because it dries streak-free and won’t affect the finish of any metallic pieces. But it’s not your only option. You can also use these cleaners:

Vinegar and water: You can use a solution of one part white distilled vinegar to two parts water to clean the crystals on your chandelier. Remove dust with a feather duster first, then dampen a microfiber cloth with this solution and wipe each crystal. Dry with lint-free cloth afterward.

Glass cleaner: You can use a glass cleaner like Windex to clean your crystals. But, if you’re worried about the finish on the metallic pieces or have a vintage fixture, opt for an ammonia-free glass cleaner.