30 Home office interior décor ideas

A home office is often a contrasting space. On one hand it’s a space where you work and retreat in an almost different work. But on the other hand you’re still at home. This duality has to be captured in the interior décor of your home office. As it also happens with the rest of the rooms from the house, this area can also be decorated by following different styles and influences.

If you can’t place the desk near a window you could compensate with artwork

We’re just going to cover three styles. The first type of home office is an elegant and rigorous one with a classical design. In this case you should focus on classical pieces of furniture with curved lines and elegant details. You can opt for a traditional desk chair and a small desk with drawers that have beautifully designed handles. You might also like to add a desk lamp and a series of photos on the wall.

Elegance lies in the little details and small accents

The curved lines and chic designs of antique furniture are always charming

A bright office is always a more inviting and inspiring space

A simple table could also successfully replace the desk in some cases

Open shelves are a must-have in any home office

You can use the walls to solve your storage problems in the office

Artwork and framed photos can easily give a more personal feel to a space

Combine the classical lines of the furniture with friendly textures and patterns

Create a perfect décor with the help of wallpaper

Mirrors can be very helpful in small spaces

Sometimes the secret is to keep things simple and to choose the right accents

Color contrast is another way of making a décor stand out

It’s important for a home office to look both inviting and professional

Wooden furniture is perfect if you want to create a more retro feel

If you prefer something different you can focus on creating a romantic and vintage office décor. You can add specific accessories and chic furniture that would create a calm atmosphere. You can also add curtains on the walls and a stylish pendant lamp.

Choose the decorations and accent features carefully

A classical and elegant chair and a lamp can be enough to make an office beautiful

Don’t be afraid to play with texture and pattern

Floral accents often give a space a more rustic and vintage look

The accent color should stand out without being distracting

You can give your workspace a cheerful and playful look with the help of color

For an elegant look, keep things simple and classical

Personalize your home office in whatever way you want

Make sure the colors you use match and that they are pleasant

There’s also the possibility of opting for a practical office décor with country influences. These two styles don’t have much in common but they complement each other beautifully. You’ll have a practical and functional office that would also feel cozy and inviting.

Some small bursts of color can often change the atmosphere

The chair could be the focal point of your workspace

You can mix similar patterns and play with them

An unusual design is more eye-catching than color or pattern

Not everything has to match perfectly but there should be a common theme

A bright and simple décor is usually very refreshing

Of course, you can always combine these styles and influences and come up with an original design. It’s fun to experiment but you need to know what can and what cannot be combined. Decide on the atmosphere you want to create and go from there.

Published by in Office Design Ideas, on July 2nd, 2012


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