VDAB Office Building by BOB361 Architects

Seeing the construction of the building, anyone will easily find that the whole volume is concentrated on to the road side. This is the greatest advantage of this building serving many causes, like energy assessment and also provides compactness to the building saving your economy and it is an acoustic comfort for many offices looking from the garden space. For increasing the comfort of the house, many patios have been added.

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The perfect angle between Noordlaan and Driekoningenstraat provides a great look which is like an anchor point for the whole building. This is the best place allocated for the entry desk and the main reception.

The desk is fully back dropped with the street view so that it appears as if the street has come inside the building.The whole building is built up on a 1, 25 m grid and so the circulation are which was positioned asymmetrically suits it at the best.