The Blue Azure Office – Ukraine

What do you do, when you have started a business producing design accessories and you’ve just moved into a new building. It’s simple. Design the interior to directly reflect your business. This acts not only a very good commercial  and statement toward clients but also a very stylish work place for the employees. This is exactly what  Sergey Makhno and Butenko Vasily  did with their place.

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The surface available was 126 square meters and in that space they fitted one meeting area, a presentation space, terrace, restrooms and storage space. The walls are covered in wood and Corian, these being two out of three, materials used in this design, the other one being concrete.  The whole interior is decorated in shades of blue and turquoise making it joyful and fresh.  Not a single piece from this interior was imagined only for its functionality.

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Starting from the  lighting fixtures that very often were  lowered towards desks and meeting tables, continuing with the seats that varies from one room to another, in shapes and colors that contrasts with each other and finishing with the restroom, designed in a more cold style  compared with the rest of the office. The interior fits perfectly with the company profile and the daring design is meant not only to be a striking statement for the clients but also to light up sparks of creativity for the staff, responsible with the creation of things that look good.