14 Sqm Architecture Office Featuring An Internal Pipe Structure

R3Architetti first caught our eye when they designed a long and narrow shop and turned it into a loft back in 2002. Now they impressed us once more with a project for themselves. The four young architects redesigned a 14 square meter space and transformed it into a multipurpose office for their own team.

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The office is called Spazio R3 and is located in the San Salvario district in the city of Turin, Italy. The work on the space started in 2015 and ended the same year. Given the limited size of this whole space, the architects decided to work in sections.

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The main goal was to build a multipurpose office where diversity and individual experiences would meet and interact naturally. The space in divided into two levels. An elaborate pipe structure defines the interior and divides the space into various sections.

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The mezzanine can be accessed via a ladder found in a wall niche. Up here is where the architects create their maquettes and where their ideas take shape. The other sections include an area for current projects, a meeting and reception area next to the ongoing projects and an exhibition space.

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SpazioR3-office-pipe-structureView in gallery

Using pipes and rope, the architects managed to transform this tiny space into a lovely office and, more than that, into a functional space with a well-organized structure.

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The meeting area has a custom-designed table with a transparent glass top, complemented by two lucite chairs. It’s a clever design strategy which allowed the architects to keep the space simple and airy.

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They used simple materials and combined several styles to give character to this project. Wood and metal and the two main materials that define the interior. The décor is simple and practical.

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The team also paid attention to details. The lighting is just light in every distinct section. The individual work stations have adjustable table lamps and hanging bulbs light up the rest of the space.

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