L-Shaped Family Home Formed Of Cubes And Bridges

The Savion Residence is a contemporary home designed for a family of four. It’s located in Tel Aviv, Israel and covers an area of 1,247 square meters. The project was completed in 2014 by Neuman Hayner Architects, a team that takes on a diversity of projects and has an open and constructive view and dialogue with everyone involved.

Savion Residence view at night

The architects’ goal has always been to create contextual and original architecture and to find ways to combine the individual and public interests in their projects. When designing the Savion residence, they had to come up with a design that was family-friendly, offering everyone intimacy but at the same time ensuring a smooth connection and transition between all the functions and spaces.

Savion Residence front facade
Savion Residence entrance

The house was planned for a family of four and was organized in two cube-like structures. These volumes are separated and, at the same time, connected by a passage. The result is an L-shaped floor plan for the overall building.

Savion Residence outdoor porch
Savion Residence hanging daybed on porch

The front cube is a double-height volume. This is where the public areas are located and where the entrance is as well. The living space, kitchen and dining area occupy the ground floor and there’s a study upstairs, sitting on a platform and forming a loft area that overlooks the social spaces.

Savion Residence poolside deck

The rear cube is a three-level structure. This is where the private spaces can be found. The ground floor of this volume contains a living room, 2 bedrooms for the children, a laundry room and a guest bathroom.

Savion Residence ground floor social space
Savion Residence ground floor dining area

On the first floor the architects placed the master bedroom and its en-suite bathroom. On this floor there’s also a bridge-like structure that offers access to the library which is part of the front cube’s layout.

Savion Residence ground floor TV
Savion Residence ground floor seating area
Savion Residence seating and dining divider

The rear cube also has a basement level where a guest room , a safe room and a storage area are situated. This level gets its light from a large patio which also ensures natural ventilation.

Savion Residence indoor swing
Savion Residence staircase bamboo wall

The passage or bridge that’s formed between the two cubes is four meters (13 feet) wide and is placed in the continuation of the patio. Its role is to separate the public and private wings and to ensure the connection between these two volumes.

Savion Residence kitchen and studio
Savion Residence kitchen island

Great importance was given to the outdoor functions. The large patio serves as an extension of the indoor living area, being separated from this zone by full height glass walls and sliding door. This allows it to filter sunlight into the interior spaces.

Savion Residence kitchen chalkboard wall
Savion Residence kitchen interior

The swimming pool has its own sun deck, with a stylish bar and space for lounge chairs and umbrellas. It forms an L-shape with the patio where an outdoor dining area and a set of hanging daybeds or swings create a casual and playful ambiance.

Savion Residence kid room
Savion Residence hanging bed

There’s also a swing inside the house, hanging from the ceiling in the lounge corner. The dry bamboo wall divider complements the swing, reinforcing the nature-inspired décor.

Savion Residence master bedroom
Savion Residence master bedroom tub

The same type of casual ambiance with outdoor-inspired charm can also be seen in the children’s rooms. A hanging bed is the focal point of the décor, the whole room featuring a laid-back style and minimal furniture with coastal and rustic influences.

Savion Residence master bedroom tub by wall
Savion Residence master bedroom shower

The master bedroom is also a very airy and bright space, having direct access to a patio and forming an open space together with the bathroom. A freestanding oval tub is placed by the glass wall, overlooking the deck and views.

Savion Residence guest bath

A glass walk-in shower occupies the corner, maintaining an open and transparent décor throughout. This style is highlighted by large mirrors and a wall-mounted wooden vanity that adds a warm touch to this portion of the room, contrasting with the polished concrete floor.