Fun and Colorful Office by Marc&Co+Coarchitecture

Wotif Group’s new head office in Brisbane, Australia is a fun and creative place to work and grow. Designed by Marc&Co in collaboration with Coarchitecture, this office is siting on a 1,000sqm site and is a vibrant workspace where the staff can interact and yield favorable results.

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Wotif Group is a leading online travel brand in the Asian Pacific Region. The company has grown to more than 450 staff in 13 countries and they thought it was time for a sophisticated head office. The main idea was to create a place that would look like a town square, so in order to achieve this the architects used laneways as a planning idea and zones of engagement.

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The town square hosts the reception, an open meeting space, the lunch room and event space. Communal facilities are accessed via the laneways where everyday activities bring together staff members. Moreover the existing structure was stripped back to the concrete structure in order to give it an industrial look. The spaces are fun and colorful, yet serious and sleek at the same time.

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The Wotif Head Office looks like a great place to spend most of your time, a space that has the perfect balance between fun and seriousness. It is a place of friendship, interaction and productivity, where your employees have everything they need to make your business grow.