5 Homey Projects To Do With Kids

Bonding over a creative project is one of the best ways to get to know your child and to have your child get to know you. It’s an opportunity to talk and have fun together, with no pressure. It’s also a great way to create something together that you’ll forever, or at least for a while, and you’ll see everyday around the house. Check out our list of DIYs that’ll get you and your kids some quality time together and your home a quality piece of style.

1. Fun with doors.

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You may not want to do an entire wall, but have fun painting their closet door or door to their bedroom. Draw a design together, pick out colors and execute! It’s a great way for your kids to feel independent and important but still keep the chaos a bit confined and at your comfort level. Plus, a bit of chevron or bright color pairing may be just what the room needs for a bit  more style.

2. Fun with garland.

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Sit down and create some fun garland to put around their rooms. Whether it’s geometric of just a bunch of fun colorful polka-dots, the garland is one of the best and easiest DIYs to do with your kiddos. Get creative and have the children imagine the design. Then adorn their headboard, doors or dresses with it!

3. Fun with jars.

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Mason jars are great for organizing so many different items, especially the kids’ arts and crafts. But, we’ve found an adorable way to make the jars functional and kid-approved stylish. With some small, plastic animals, action figures or dolls all you need is a bit of paint and glue to make each and every container a bit more festive.

4. Fun with buttons.

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There are so many button crafts to have fun with but this one is the perfect DIY to start with. Round up a bunch of fun buttons and start gluing your kiddo’s initial. Of course you can always do a fun shape too, like a heart or even a baseball! You can do use a plethora of colors or you can stick to the color palette already in the room you’ll be placing it in.

5. Fun with paint.

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Then there’s the simplest of activities. Grab some paint and a canvas. Then, let you child be free with it. You’ll have the piece hanging in your home for years to come. Just make sure he/she signs and dates the artwork. It’ll be a masterpiece that will become a special memory of the afternoon it was created.

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