Cute and Fun Christmas Crafts For Kids

Sometimes the only reason we even put up a Christmas tree is because of the little ones. Sure, it’s fun to decorate the tree and the house and to go shopping for gifts as an adult but kids love Christmas even more. This year we prepared a special treat for them: a ton of great Christmas crafts for kids. You can let them have fun by themselves or you can help them and take part in all the fun.

Recycle craft cereal box for Christmas

For the first project you’ll need at least one large cereal box so you’d better start saving them in advance. You’ll turn the boxes into trees and for that you’ll need a template, acrylic paint in the color of your choice, paintbrushes, a pencil, scissors, glue, pom-poms, clothespins and a container for paint. Check out the instructions on Mypoppet.

Next project involves Christmas

The next project involves Christmas ornaments and paint. Just use some craft paint in a color that contrasts with the ornaments. The kids will love this part: you’ll have to paint their hands and then put the ornament in the middle of the palm. When they close their hands, the palm print will transfer onto the ornament. {found on megduerksen}.

Paper christmas Tree for Table

The project featured on Typepad is a bit more complicated. It requires the following supplies: two paper mache tree forms, decorative paper, a hot glue gun, green acrylic paint and a foam brush. Cut out petal shapes out of the paper you’ve prepared and organize them into stacks based on their color or pattern. Paint the bottom of the trees green and then start gluing the petals on starting from the bottom.

diy melted crayon christmas ornaments

If you have kids then you must also have some old and broken crayons that just sit there in a box. Now you can put them to good use. Use them to make colorful Christmas ornaments like the ones we found on sheknows. Apart from the crayons you’ll also need some clear glass ornaments, a hair dryer, an oven mitt, ribbon and scissors. Let the kids help so they can join in on the fun.

DIY Christmas Gift Idea

Did you know you can make a pom-pom Christmas tree? It’s a pretty simple craft and it looks really cute and beautiful. After you’re done making the tree you can tie it onto a toy car. The project is described in more detail on Craftsandcreativity. Here’s what you need: wrapping paper, a white marker, a pom pom maker, some chunky wool yarn, wooden wheels, cotton string, a twig and scissors.

Pinecone Christmas tree ornaments

Not all projects are complex and not all are colorful. Some are simple and this makes them beautiful in their own special way. For instance, sheknows offers tutorials on how to make pinecone ornaments, reindeer pots, beaded garlands or a cute little snowman decoration. Check out the instructions and get your supplies ready because they’re all perfect for the kids and they’ll surely enjoy it.

Hanging green advent calendar

This is something that you’ll have to do for the kids but they can help if they want and if you don’t mind ruining the surprise. We’re talking about the paper advent calendar featured on Ohohblog. To make it you’ll need green paper, yellow paper, gold star stickers, a wire hanger, glue, scissors, a piece of rope, a hole punch and some small treats. Follow the instructions and have fun.

DIY advent calendar made by kids

On Yourdiyfamily you’ll find another cute advent calendar design. This time, you’ll need 24 craft cones of different sizes, acrylic paint in different colors, a black pen, mini felt balls, number stickers and glue. You’ll be making santa and his elves and each one will hide a special treat.

Dollar store christmas Craft

Kids love miniatures so perhaps they’d enjoy crafting a tiny Christmas tree. They could use a styrofoam cone and they can decorate it with tinsel garlands, a small star for the top and tiny decorations. It’s all described in some detail on sheknows.

DIY Green Paper Gerland

Kids might also enjoy crafting a wreath to display on the door. They could make one out of paper. The wreath itself can be made out of green construction paper and the bows, berries and decorations can have a different color. Find out how to make the wreath by following the instructions on Andrewrachelashmore.

Polymer clay ornaments

Polymer clay is also really fun to use but the kids might need some help with such a project. The supplies needed include white school glue, cornstarch, baby oil, lemon juice, tempura paint and small ornament hangers. Find the recipe and all the needed instructions on Sheknows.

Funny Christmas Craft for kids

How about something edible? Kids would sure love some delicious treats which they can also use as toys and ornaments. There’s a bunch of different ideas you can use. For example, you could make candy cane reindeer or cookies. Rice krispies snowmen would also be a wonderful idea the same as reindeer cookies, marshmallow snowmen or chocolate-dipped spoons. Find all the recipes on Sheknows.

Toilet paper tubes advent calendar

Who knew you could make such beautiful things out of some simple toilet paper rolls. The fact is that they’re very versatile and useful and if you’ve been collecting them for a while you can use them all to make a wonderful advent calendar that both kids and adults will love. It’s all right here on Morningcreativity. Here you’ll also find some suggestions regarding the treats and gifts that you can put inside the rolls.

empty toilet paper rolls to make an advent calendar

As it turns out, there are many different ways in which to use empty toilet paper rolls to make an advent calendar. One of the options is described on Mayamade. This time the rolls are ties in a garland. they’re each decorated with patterned paper and they each hold something special.

Hanging Advent Calendar

If you want, you could also make a hanging advent calendar which you can display on a wall or door. You’ll need 25 toilet paper rolls, coordinating scrapbook paper, ribbon or tulle, number stickers and other decorations such as pom poms or stickers. The rolls will be tied together and they’ll each have a special look. {found on xtremeteamduty}.

Christmas cute paper roll crafts

Other cute paper roll crafts include this lovely nativity scene that we found on Elizabethlaurenart. To make something similar you’ll need two toilet paper rolls, some construction paper, fabric scraps, a bit of yarn and some tape. Wrap paper around the rolls and then cut out a circle and draw a face on it. Attach it to the roll and then cover the top with some fabric. For the baby, roll some paper into a tube, secure with tape, add the face and wrap fabric around it.

Agenl christmas ornament

If you want, you can also add an angel ornament also made of a toilet paper roll. You’ll need crayons to draw on a face and some yarn for the hair. The wings can be made of paper or cardboard. The halo can be made using a yellow pipe cleaner. The idea for this project comes from Jennwa.

Paper Christmas Star

Can’t find a decent tree topper anywhere? Perhaps you could make your own. We found this great last-minute craft idea on Allthingspaper. To make this tree topper you’ll need four toilet paper rolls, scissors, glue, straight pins and spray paint or acrylic paint. Check out the instructions and adapt them to your own requirements.

Paper Christmas Snowman

A Christmas without snow is a little bit boring but don’t worry because you can still get to have a snowman. It just wouldn’t be made out of snow. You could make a snowman out of two white paper lanterns. The smaller one would be the head and the larger one would be the body. Glue a face on the lantern and some buttons, add a scarf and a hat and hang it somewhere. {found on alittledelightful}.

Old Christmas ornaments

In case you have some old Christmas ornaments that you’d like to somehow revive, let the kids put them thumbprint on them. Basically you just paint the thumb and then press onto the ornaments. That will be the face of the cute reindeers you’ll paint on each ornament. Use a sharpie for the eyes and antlers and then paint a red nose on as well. {found on littlebitfunky}.

Cupcake Christmas Tree

Let the kids make their own little Christmas trees which they can decorate however they want. One option is to make trees out of cupcake liners. It’s a really simple project for which you need some cardstock, tape and lots of cupcake liners. Make some cardboard cones and secure them with tape. Then tape the liners on starting from the top. Find out more about this on Tatertotsandjello.

Stick the Christmas Tree on The Wall

Another fun idea is to make a felt Christmas tree and to stick it onto a wall. You can then cut out felt ornaments and let the kids stick them onto the tree in any way you want. It could be useful to use velcro strips so you can easily take out the decorations and place them somewhere else. In any case, find more inspiration on Solandrachel.

Chalkboard Christmas Tree and Colorful Garland

If the kids have a chalkboard, let them paint a large Christmas tree on it and then show them how to decorate the tree with pom pom garlands. Use yarn to make the pom poms and then tie them all in a garland. The idea comes from Hgtv. Here it’s also suggested to put a small table under the tree and to place presents on it.

Felt candy Christmas Tree

Kids could also craft some lovely Christmas trees out of felt and candy canes. It’s a project that’s featured on Momontimeout. The supplies needed for it include green felt, glue, yellow foam and beads in addition of course to the candy canes we already mentioned. Cut out a piece of felt in the shape of a tree and then cut slits for the candy cane to slide through. After that the kids can add any decorations they want.

Chupa Chups lollipops Christmas Tree Decoration

Lollipops are loved by both kids and adults so they’d make pretty great decorations for the Christmas tree. How does a giant decoration made of Chupa Chups lollipops sound like? To make one you’ll need colored foil, floral wire, aluminum wire, needles, decorative ribbon, a piece of foam or a sponge, tree clippings, scissors and lollipops. This original idea comes from goodshomedesign.

Kids Crafts to Hang in Tree

Remember finger puppets? They used to be fun. You can show your kids how cute these things are by crafting some Christmas-themed ones. You’ll need pipe cleaners, pom poms, goggly eyes, wire cutters and dimensional fabric paint. Basically you just wind the pipe cleaners around your finger and then you decorate the characters. Check out some ideas on Woojr.

paper and cardboard christmas tree decoration

The kids would also enjoy crafting some cute snowmen. You could help them cut out the shapes out of paper and cardboard and then let them decorate them with glitter, paper hats, scarves and googly eyes. You can hang these in the tree when they’re done. {found on tonyastaab}.

Tin Cans Christmas Tree

How about this: a Christmas tree decoration that can double as a pencil or candy cane holder. To make something similar you’ll need an empty tin can, brown paper, glue, green paper and tiny decorations or stickers. Wrap brown paper around the can and then cut out a tree and glue it onto one side of the can. Then decorate the tree or let the kids do it. {found on madeeveryday}.

LEGO Christmas Tree

If your kids like playing with Lego, you could suggest a special project for this Christmas: a Lego Christmas tree. It could be made using green pieces for the tree and brown ones for the stump. The decorations are the most fun part.

cardboard gingerbread

These gingerbread houses can either be used as gift tags or as decorations for the Christmas tree. Either way, they’re cute and fun to make. They’re actually made of cardboard so if you have some unused boxes now is the time to put them to good use. Cut some cardboard into the shape of a house and then draw on the door, windows and everything else. It’s a fun craft for the kids and it comes from Warmhotchocolate.

Beads Christmas Tree Decoration

Pipe cleaners and craft beads make a nice combo. These are actually the things used to make the Christmas ornaments featured on Makeandtakes. You could make stars, trees, candy canes and wreaths. Combine the colors however you want. It’s a really simple project and you can let the kids make something cute as well.

Colorful Christmas Ornaments

The paper ornaments featured on Curbly are a bit more complex but still easy enough to let the ids have a try at them as well. Here’s what you need: cardstock, scissors, binder clips, a hole punch and a metal eyelet kit. Cut the paper into strips of different lengths, punch a hole through all of them and add the eyelet. Then line up the opposite ends and repeat.

book Papers Christmas Tree Decorations

These vintage paper flowers are really beautiful and they add a sophisticated touch to the Christmas tree. They’re actually pretty easy to make. You can use pages from an old book. Cut a page into a square and then fold it according to the instructions provided on Fromdahliastodoxies.

Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

Make your own kid-friendly Christmas ornaments by following the tutorial on Makeandfable. The materials needed for this project include flame retardant toy filling, wool roving, a triangular felting needle, seed beads, beading thread and needle, scissors and baker’s twine. Using these things you’ll be able to make needle felt Christmas decorations.

Popsicle Stick Reindeer Kid Christmas Ornament

A lot of cute things can be made using common items like popsicle sticks. In fact, three sticks would be enough to make a cute reindeer ornament like the ones featured on Thekindergartenconnection. In addition to the sticks you’ll also need red pom poms, googly eyes and glue.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Popsicle sticks can also be used to make lovely Christmas trees like the ones we found on Onelittleproject. Once again, three sticks are enough to make one ornament. They can be decorated in lots of interesting ways. Using tiny pom poms, sparkly pipe cleaners, rhinestones, buttons and all sorts of other things.

Gold Leaf Christmas Tree Decoration

A nice way to customize the Christmas tree is with clear glass ornaments which you’ve previously painted yourself. Go find some ornaments, some assorted craft paint, thin ribbon and gold leaf and start decorating. You can find the instructions on Thesweetestoccasion. The project is really simple. Pour some paint inside an ornament and swirl it around and let it dry. Then put some glue on the bottom of the ornament and stick gold leaf on.

Snow Globe for Christmas with a car inside

Snow globes were very popular and they’re lovely nostalgic ornaments. If you want to make something special this Christmas consider a mason jar snow globe. You could put a toy car inside and use faux snow or salt. It would also be fun to tie a tiny Christmas tree onto the car. {found on masonjarcraftslove}.

Clothespin Snowman

These cute clothespins are fun and they can be displayed in the Christmas tree or used for other things. You can let the kids decorate them. They’ll need wood clothespins, yarn in various colors, glue, tiny pom poms, white paint, a black marker and scissors. The pom pom is the nose of the snowman and the yarn is used for the scarf. {found on easypeasyandfun}.

Crafting small Trees

It’s fun to plan projects and activities that the kids can do before and during Christmas. You don’t have to overcomplicate things. Just think of fun things that the kids would enjoy such as crafting a felt snowman or making Christmas trees out of their old and broken crayons. You can find these ideas and several more on Morenaps.

Christmas Craft Activities for Kids

Perhaps it would be fun to plan a special Christmas party for the kids this year. You could make fun games with themed decorations. For example, let the kids try to pin Rudolf’s nose while blindfolded or let them decorate their miniature Christmas trees with beads, glitter and other things. A santa pinata might also be fun. Find out more about this on Fionacarter.

Creative Christmas Snowman from Cardboad boxes

A fun game for the kids is also suggested on craftsaholicsanonymous. It’s called snowman tissue box bowling. Here’s what you’ll need for the project: empty tissue boxes, white paint, orange and black cardstock, a black marker or some black paint, buttons or pom-poms and a hot glue gun.

Plastic Cups Christmas Tree

Place treats and sweets in colored cups and make them look cute and festive. The kids will love these. You can decorate the cups to make them look like reindeer and for that you can use construction paper, glitter paper, googly eyes, red pom poms and some ribbon or twine. It’s all described in more detail on Simpleasthatblog.

Small Felt Christmas Trees To decorate

Aren’t these little Christmas tree decorations simply wonderful? They’re really cute and pretty easy to make as well. You need felt, buttons, scissors a needle and thread. Cut the felt into squares and of increasingly smaller dimensions and arrange them according to color. Then thread stack them to form a tree and connect them with thread. Put a button on top. {found on craftsandcreativity}.

DIY Ornaments Tree

With time you get all these old Christmas tree ornaments that you don’t really like anymore but don’t have the heart to throw out just yet. An idea can be to use them to make a decoration. You can actually organize the ornaments to create a Christmas tree out of them. You can glue them all onto a board as shown on Apumpkinandaprincess.

Chalkboard Ornamenst

The project featured on Firefliesandmudpies is fun and easy to make if you have some wood slices and chalkboard paint. Just paint the slices and then draw on them anything you want. You can drill a small hole so you can hang them in your Christmas tree. Let the kids draw on them and then display their creations.

Mason Jars Gifts for Christmas

The mason jars filled with tea and biscuits can be a nice gift idea for loved ones on Christmas. You can choose to fill the jars with anything you want. Put treats and sweets in for the kids and coffee or tea for adults. You can make a mini set for each jar.

Painted Tree Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are fun for everyone, not just the kids. This means you can participate and help the kids craft a beautiful calendar this year. You could make one with felt pockets like the ones shown on Pmqfortwo. You can display them on a board on which a tree can be painted. Each pocket can be shaped like a present or an ornament.

Christmas tree advent calendar

It could also be fun to put a bunch of individually wrapped presents together and to arrange them in the form of a Christmas tree. You can use a frame as a guide or you can improvise. Find some ideas on Journeycreativity.