How To Pick The Closet System That Best Suits Your Style

You’d think that having a big closet with all sorts of compartments for everything will keep your home clean and clutter-free. Sure, that helps but the most important thing is the system you use and its user-friendliness. There’s a ton of closet systems to choose from and a lot of them are focused on the same idea: diversity and space-efficiency.

Poliform senzafine closet design

Having a well-designed walk-in closet with all the features you want, specially adapted and designed to suit your specific needs would be ideal. But that would take a lot of planning and a major renovation. An alternative would be to hire a closet organizer. This is a person who helps you optimize the space inside your closet so you can make the most of it.

Poliform senzafine closet design Systems
Poliform senzafine closet design interior

The Senzafine closet was designed specifically for orderly storage. It includes a variety of different systems and features that allow you to hang clothes, to fold them and store them on shelves, to put your bags and shoes on display, to organize your accessories and to meticulously find a place for every item.

MisuraEmme Milano Solid Wood Wardrobe
MisuraEmme Milano Solid Wood Wardrobe Systems

Don’t be fooled by the minimalism of the Milano wardrobe. Inside this simple shell there’s a complex storage system carefully designed to offer all the comfort and functionality required from a walk-in closet. Its design is linear and elegant, combining traditional and contemporary accents and putting together looks and functionality, simplicity and flexibility.

Porro storage wardrobe Boiserie with bench
Porro storage wardrobe Boiserie
Porro storage wardrobe Boiserie with glass shelves

A walk-in closet should be customized according to each user’s needs. This design, for example, suits someone who likes to have all the clothes ordered and displayed and all the accessories carefully placed on shelves. The system allows outfits to be composed and items to be matched.

Masculine Porro storage wardrobe Boiserie

Storage Organization and Systems by Porro storage wardrobe Boiserie

Some variety is usually welcomed. Consider adding to your closet some drawers as well in case you want to store accessories, shirts or other things. Drawers are space-efficient and practical and they can be used in combination with open shelves.

Sliding doors for Porro Wardrobe
Man cave Closet System Design

Placed somewhere between walk-in closets and open wardrobes, the Boiserie storage units offer flexibility and functionality in a very elegant form. The simplicity of the designs makes the units very versatile and capable of working in tandem with other systems and storage solutions. They are characterized by distinctive wall panels and a variety of modules which can be fixed to them.

Master closet hanging
Master closet room with makeup vanity
Master Storage room with Columns Storage for Shoe

You should design your closet based on your particular needs but also on the space available for the project. For instance, you might want to place the unit in a corner in which case you have to adapt the design to fit the space. Not all walk-in closets or wardrobes are huge. The small ones can be practical as well. It’s all a matter of finding your priorities and deciding how to deal with each detail.

Storage and organization systems from the Italian Dynamic Closet
White and automated the Italian Dynamic Closet

A lot of closet systems are designed to be modular so you can optimize them to fit your space and to suit your requirements. The modules can be mixed and matched and this allows each user to create their own unique system. The designers at Augusto came up with this dynamic shelving idea which materialized the ideas we just mentioned.

The Italian Dynamic Closet
the Italian Dynamic Closet with an automated system

Each element is custom made and this means that the closet system you choose will fit like a tailor-made suit. It includes open shelves, closed storage compartments and drawers and each system is personalized for each individual customer. All of these elements are designed to integrate with the components of the walk-in closet.

Special compartiment for shoe in closet
Closet organization system for shoes
Modern Closet Organization System

Open shelves can be very versatile. Not only are they useful in a variety of configurations in every room of the house but they can also serve several different functions in the case of a single space such as the walk-in closet. Use shelves to organize and display shoes, to store shirts or to keep accessories lined up.

Closet watch storage compartment
Open space bedroom closet system

There are basically two types of people. Those who like to keep everything hidden and out of sight and those who want thing to be casually put on display so they can access items more easily. You can extrapolate that for closets and wardrobes. This is an example of an open design with no doors to conceal the contents.

Luxe closet 4141 design

Transparent Glass Closet doors

Some designs are neither open nor closed. They’re somewhere in between and they work for those who don’t mind having things on display but would prefer some sort of buffer or at least a few compartments that are also closed. There’s more than one way to achieve this. For example, you could opt for a closet with see-through doors.

Bench in closet

On the other hand, if a clean and minimalist look is what you seek, perhaps you’d prefer a walk-in closet that looks something like this. Everything is stored behind closed doors and this offers a sense of order and cleanliness. The use of light colors and linear forms and the presence of a large mirror give the space a bright and open feel while the carpet makes it really cozy.

Bedroom with a large transtparent wardrobe
Closet Systems for a better Organization

Regardless of the type of closet you choose, whether it’s open or not or whether it’s big or small, keep in mind that diversity and flexibility come in very handy in such cases. Changes are easy and reorganizing the closet is a pleasure when the design is meant to offer these attributes.

Long and narrow closet system organization
4141 Design Closet

It’s easy to get lost in the details and to become overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Our advice is to keep things simple and to avoid over-complicating the design. Sure, there are many cool and interesting features and closet systems to choose from but are they all really necessary? Do you really need pull-out shelves or special compartments for all your accessories? Perhaps something less formal would suit you better.

Wood cubes storage for closet room

The most difficult part when coming up with a closet system and design is finding your own style. Base your decisions on your lifestyle and your preferences. For instance, is your style formal or casual? Do you have a large shoe collection? Do you have a personal organization system for your outfits and other things? All of these details will help you find your style.