Water Closet Dimensions For Your Project

Water closet dimensions vary. Knowing the average dimensions of rooms makes it much easier to plan out your house. Every extra dimension is useful to your planning period.

Whether it be a standard window size or the size of the average two-car garage. While you don’t have to follow the standard, knowing it and why it is what it is can help guide you to your ideal size in any case. 

What Is A Water Closet?

water closet dimensions
Image from Susan Deneau Interior Design

The water closet has been around since the invention of a form of indoor plumbing in the 1700s. at this time, it was only seen in rich people’s houses and the “plumbing” was more of a water basin and an area to wash up.

During this time, the area was also simply called the toilet, which is where the term “toiletries” came from. But it wasn’t until the 1900s that real water closets began appearing with toilets in them as well. 

Today, a water closet is a toilet that has a privacy wall around it. But it was invented for both privacy and safety reasons. It’s important that bacteria that leaves the toilet when it is flushed remain in one room. 

Water Closet Vs. Powder Room Vs. Half-Bath

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All three of these terms are often used to describe the same thing. We’ve already gone over what a water closet is. Now it’s time to go over what the other similar types of rooms are and what they are used for today. 

Powder Room Vs Water Closet

Historically, powder rooms were created for women to freshen up and powder their noses. But they were also used by both men and women for the act of powdering their wigs. A very important part of life during this time. 

Today, a powder room is a room intended for guests alone. It has a toilet and a sink but it does not have a shower. The term powder room can refer to any bathroom used for guests but it is generally just a sink and toilet. 

Half-Bath Vs Water Closet

A half-bath is a bathroom that only has two components. It can be classified as a bathroom that doesn’t have all four components of a bathroom but instead has only two. It usually has a toilet and a sink.

The difference is that a half-bath is not simply intended for guests and it usually isn’t decorated the same as a powder room. Those who use the term half-bath are usually more practical than those that use the term powder room. 

Water Closet Dimensions

Pedestal powder room design 683x1024

It’s important to follow guidelines when it comes to water closet dimensions. You want your guests to feel comfortable inside of the water closet and you want to ensure there is plenty of room for everything else. 

Room Width

In general, the water closet should be at least 30-inches wide, but something closer to 40 inches is better. A good 42-inches or more will give plenty of room for the toilet and plenty of room to feel comfortable. 

Wiggle Room

At least one foot of space between a toilet and everything else is important. This means one foot all the way around, but the sides in particular. The distance between the toilet and the wall in front needs to be more. 

Front Space

Sure, the room beside the toilet should be one foot each, at 12 inches. But on top of that, about 21 inches of space is usually required in front of the toilet. This gives plenty of room for your legs to feel comfortable. 

Standard Toilet Dimensions For A Water Closet

Pedestal powder room design 683x1024

In order to find out how big your water closet dimensions or toilet room needs to be, you need to know how big a water closet is. Toilets come in many different sizes but in general, you can get a good range by looking at the average.

Toilet depths are usually between 27”-30” and widths are around 20″. The back of the toilet is usually 21”-31” but this doesn’t affect the water closet room.  The same as the toilet set height which is usually around 17”-19”.

Toilet Rough-In Dimensions

The Rough-In is the distance from the back wall to the center of the drainpipe at the base of a toilet. This is usually about one foot. This is important for plumbing reasons because it is installed before the toilet. 

Water Closet Ideas 

Pedestal powder room design 683x1024

If you have the dimensions for your water closet down, then you probably want to take a step forward and design your water closet. A water closet isn’t just a bathroom, it’s a tiny room that you get to impress with. 

Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper feels like a mid-century accent but it is as relevant today as ever. Especially now that you can get so many different types of wallpaper. Experiment with solid colors mixed with distinct patterns.

Wallpaper can really make or break a room. You can get it to mimic any material that you want. The same goes for paneling which is generally one of the cheapest wall covering you can get aside from sheetrock. 

Tile Everything 

Tile looks amazing. Even the cheapest or oldest tile can look like a million bucks. You can find tile on sale and do surrounds, countertops, and more in your water closet. The best part is that you don’t have much to tile.

Even if you tile the entire floor with expensive tile, it won’t cost you more than $1000. That’s with a larger water closet and expensive tile. It is more likely to cost you a couple of hundred dollars, which is amazing. 

Get Funky Mirrors

Who said mirrors had to be boring? Mirrors can be the most interesting part of your water closet. You can get very interesting mirrors in any shape and with any frame. You can do a DIY mirror or something new.

A good way to take an old mirror and dress it up is to add a backlight. Backlit mirrors are super impressive yet so easy to make. Just add the right lights in the right color and you can have a feature piece.

Pedestal powder room design 683x1024

Add Amenities 

There are many different types of amenities you can add to a water closet. Water closet amenities are usually aimed towards guests but anyone can enjoy them. Just try to focus on guests first and foremost. 

For example, a kit with anything someone might need when they visit is so helpful. So is a bidet or anything that can make it more pleasant for a friend or stranger to visit your water closet. Make them feel welcome. 

Get Zen

There are many design styles that are trending right now but perhaps the best choice for a water closet is the zen design style. This style can help anyone relax and isn’t distracting nor offensive to have around.

This style was inspired by the Japanese zen gardens and includes zen formations, live plants, and a monochrome color scheme. There also must be a spiritual touch to the bathroom that makes it extra peaceful. 

Add Plants

Plants aren’t generally seen as bathroom dwellers. But the truth is that plants can go great in the bathroom. There are many different types of plants that go well in the bathroom and they offer many benefits. 

Plants in the bathroom can offer fresher air, clean the toxins out of the air, and make the bathroom feel less stuffy altogether. Plants are also simply relaxing and make one feel more comfortable in a water closet. 

Don’t Forget Artwork

Artwork belongs in every room. Even a water closet. Now you may not have room for a lot of artwork, but just one piece of artwork can make a huge difference. Whether it is wall artwork or statues.

When it comes to artwork, what makes it special is that it is unique and has a story. One of the best ways to find artwork that checks off this list is to buy it at an online thrift store, so check that out!

Pedestal powder room design 683x1024

Natural Light

Natural light may not seem like it belongs in the bathroom either, but there are many different types of windows that go great in the bathroom. Like clerestory windows or small awning windows which can both offer light.

The point is to keep the privacy of the bathroom while still letting light in. You can also buy window tinters or tinted windows that don’t let anyone see in but you can still see out. The light still gets in too!

Separate Toilet 

This is kind of like a water closet in a water closet. All you have to do is add a wall, even a half-wall or pony wall around the toilet. This adds a stall within the water closet to give extra privacy when using the toilet.

Some people find this more comfortable but only if you have the room to do so. If you can’t make the stall at least 30-inches wide then don’t do it. It’s better to leave it open but still give that extra room.