Cute Christmas Crafts Eager To Transform Your Home This Winter

The joy of Christmas is upon us once again and the time to get crafty and to find new and interesting ways to decorate our homes for the holidays is finally here. So what are your plans for this Christmas? Are you in the mood for something simple and casual or would you rather go all out and prepare something fancy and glamorous? Whatever the case is, we’re prepared with a whole lot of beautiful Christmas crafts you can try this year.

Christmas wreaths

Untraditional Christmas Wreath DIY

We’ll start with something a little bit untraditional: a square wreath. It’s a design we found on Diys for which you only need a handful of twigs, some metallic spray paint, three Christmas ornaments, 2 ft of thin chain as well as some suede cord and a hot glue gun. The instructions are very simple and easy to follow.

Joy Holiday Wreath

This joyful wreath is also featured on Diys and to make one just like it you require a small round wreath made of sticks or beanches, J and Y wooden letters, some seasonal ornaments and floral wire. The wreath will be the letter O so you’ll want the J to be placed on its left side and the Y on the right. You can attach them with floral wire.

Giant DIY Christmas Wreath

The wreath featured on Homemadeginger spells out “joy” as well but in a different way. First of all, the wreath is quite large. It uses a hula hoop as a base. After randomly wrapping some twine around it, a few branches of eucalyptus were tier around the hoop. At the end, the letters were added at the center, completing the design.

Mid Century Inspired Wreath

Planning something a bit more traditional or with a mid-century theme? In that case you’ll want the wreath to look similar to the one featured on Craftsandtell. Here are the supplies you’ll need for something like this: a styrofoam wreath form, silver tinsel, bottlebrush trees in various sizes and shiny ornaments.

Disco Ball Wreath Wreath for Christmas

Something similar is also described on Abeautifulmess. This wreath is decorated with fluffy silver tinsel wrapped around a wreath form. On top of that a bunch of mini disco ball ornaments are displayed. They’re glued to the wreath and their color matches the tinsel garland.

DIY minty holiday wreath

On the other hand, if you want to greatly simplify the design, make something a bit more modern. Start with a quilting hoop and use it as a wreath form. Decorate it with bottle brush trees, some snowflake ornaments, a few tiny deers and other forest animals and some ribbon. Use glue to attach the ornaments to the hoop and don’t forget to add add a few branches or some leaves. {found on pmqfortwo}.

Hanging mini wreath

There also other ways to keep things simple. For example, you could make a myrthe wreath like the one on Homeyohmy. You basically need floral wire, some greens, a gift card, ribbon and some twine as well some vine-wrapped wire which you use to create the wreath form. Cover this with greens, attach the gift card and then hang the wreath with ribbon. It’s a really cute gift idea.

Not all wreaths are round and not all of them as heavily decorated either. So how about a simple-looking triangular wreath? We found a perfect example on Fallfordiy. You can easily make something similar using three twigs, some twine or wire and a few greens.

Mini Holiday Wreath DIY

Actually, when you think about it, there’s no need to use a wreath form when you can just casually put something together and skip all those rules. For instance, you can use a few berry branches and some wire to make ornaments that only remotely look like wreaths. Check out Faxandtwine for inspiration.

PVC pipe wreath

But what if you don’t want to use any of the traditional designs? In that case you can try something completely different and unconventional, something like this: a wreath made of PVC pipes. This can even become a permanent feature for your home. Here’s how you do this: first you cut some PVC pipes of different sizes into pieces, then you spray paint them all and after that you glue them together making sure to alternate the dimensions. It’s all right here on Abeautifulmess.

Cute gift-wrapping ideas

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Some people are happy putting their Christmas gifts in festive bags but others like to spend time wrapping the gifts and decorating them in unique and interesting ways. If you belong in the second category, we speak the same language. So how would you like to make your own custom tags for this year’s Christmas gifts. You could make clay trees like the ones featured on Greenhealthycooking.

Brown paper gift wrapping

Speaking of tags, there’s also this nice idea on Annamarialarsson which suggests wrapping the gifts in brown paper and using white tags for contrast. The tiny ornaments and branches are also essential to the design in this case.

Christmas washi tape gift wrap

Ever used washi tape when decorating your gifts. It’s really simple and really versatile. For example, wrap the gifts in plain white paper and then cut washi tape triangles or rectangles and use them to decorate the gift. You can even make all sorts of interesting geometric patterns using tape. {found on Thefoxandstar}.

Branches and cinnamon sticks gifts

Since it’s Christmas, you could decorate the gifts with things like pine cones, fir tree branches and cinnamon sticks. In fact, that\s the idea suggested on Burkatron. Another idea suggested here is to use dried fruit as ornaments for the gifts.

Hand painted christmas wrapping paper

Another nice idea is to paint your own wrapping paper. You can get some plain white paper and then decorate it however you want. You can use stamps, watercolors or markers. If you like the design you can make a printable version so you can use it with other occasions as well. {found on classicingray}.

Christmas tree decorations

Modern wood trees DIY

This year we decided to skip the traditional Christmas tree design and to try something different. Over the years we’ve covered some really interesting projects focused on unconventional Christmas trees so here’s a bunch more. One option is offered on thecasualcraftlete. Here you can find out how to make plywood trees for your yard or garden.

Macarons Tree for Christmas

How about a miniature Christmas tree made of macarons? That surely sounds very delicious. To make something like this you’ll require green macarons, a styrofoam cone royal icing, a glue gun, coconut, wrapping paper and toothpicks. Glue wrapping paper around the cone and then add the macarons using toothpicks. Use coconut as snow. {found on thirstyfortea}.

Christmas Tree Holiday Party Favors

This isn’t the first time we’ve come across blackboard projects. However, it’s the first blackboard Christmas tree decorated in this manner. The project we’re talking about can be found on Designeatrepeat. The board was cut into a triangle and then the white lines were painted on using acrylic paint the colored ornaments are actually lip balms and they’re attached with velcro strips.

Knitted Christmas tree

Have you ever knitted something other than clothes or scarves? What about a Christmas tree? That definitely sounds odd and unusual but when you think about it the idea is actually ingenious and fun. We found this on Tuttiguardanolenuvole. The ruffled tree covers a cone and it looks really cute. You can make it any color you want.

License plate christmas Tree

If you really want your Christmas tree this year to be unique, make it out of something unusual like license plates. Basically you could just arrange all the plates in a pattern that looks similar to a tree and even cut a few to make the star at the top. You can even add some string lights. {found on apieceofrainbow}.

battery operated christmas tree

You could have an actual fir tree decorated with tinsel and everything else and also want something addition for your mantel or shelves. For instance, you could make some cone trees. Use paper mache cones and spray paint them gold, then cut out some holes and insert battery operated lights. It’s an idea we found on Vitaminihandmade.

Christmas tree-shaped shelving unit

The Christmas tree-shaped shelving unit seems like a more permanent project. You could use this all year round or you could just take it out during the Christmas holidays. Either way, it’s an interesting alternative to the traditional tree. Find out how to make the shelf from the tutorial on thatsmyletter.

Bottle brush tree cake toppers

Planning to make a cake this Christmas? Wouldn’t it be nice to decorate it with miniature christmas trees? You could make some interesting cake toppers out of bottlebrush trees. It would be ideal to find some white trees but if that’s not an option you can just dip them in bleach and then wash them thoroughly. After that, dip them in pink dye. {found on theproperblog}

Rustic driftwood tree

Not all Christmas trees are green, especially if they’re not the real deal. If you’d like to try something rustic this year, try the driftwood design featured on Sustainmycrafthabit. Here’s what you’ll need: A rod for the center of the tree, a sturdy base (a trunk for example), a drill with a bit larger than the center rod and a collection of driftwood pieces in various lengths.

Christmas tree Ornaments

Make a sweet Christmas tree decoration using a few thin twigs or branches, some twine, a star ornament and a few Hershey’s kisses. YOu’ll also need glue to put all these things together. Use the twigs to build a tree as shown on apumpkinandaprincess. Then glue the kisses on each branch and put a star on top.

Bottle brush tree mania

It seems that bottlebrush trees have become really popular lately and they’re being used in a lot of interesting ways. For example, check out the projects featured on Acasarella. These Christmas crafts are pretty simple and suggestive so there’s really no need for detailed instructions. You need mason jars, bottlebrush trees and toy cars. It would be nice to also add some faux snow which can either be coconut or salt.

making holiday vignettes

Remember those old snow globes that everyone used to have? You can make a modern version of those vintage designs. You’ll need glass domes or bell jars, LED fairy lights, small ornaments such as tiny house, brush trees and other things. You’ll also need some snow and white sequins. It’s all described in detail on Abeautifulmess.

Painted gran sack burlap

No room for a large Christmas tree? How about a tiny one instead? It could look cute and beautiful and you could put in a burlap box or sack. Decorate the burlap however you want. You could use tape and paint as suggested on Thecasualcraftlete or you could try something different. Decorate the tree with pine cones and lace ribbon.

Frame triangle trees

If you like clean and geometric designs, perhaps you’d enjoy the idea featured on Danslelakehouse. The triangle-shaped decorations are reminiscent of the traditional Christmas trees. To make something like this you’ll need a dowel, some wood boards for the frame, glue, tape, a saw, a drill, wood stain and Christmas ornaments.

Black canvas and thumbtacks tree

Transform the tree into a canvas which you can display anywhere you want. You could take some white canvas, spray paint it black and attach it to a frame. Then you can outline the tree using a pencil. Place gold thumbtacks along the lines and the tree will start to take shape. This is an idea that we found on Asweetafternoon.

Christmas stockings

displaying stockings in front of the fireplace

Not everyone has a habit of displaying stockings in front of the fireplace during Christmas so maybe these projects are not for you. In any case, we think stockings are cute so we’ll show you how to make a holder for them. It’s a project we found on modelbehaviors. The materials required include a wooden board, screws, hooks, a saw, a drill, table clamps, red and white paint and some tape.

Branch displaying stocking

If you’d rather not spend time crafting a stocking holder you could just hang them from a tree branch. It would look rustic, simple and chic. Go find yourself a branch that you like and add some screw-in hooks to it. You can also decorate the branch with some small bouquets of greens as shown on Themerrythought.

Handmade christmas stocking

Of course, if all you want is to use the stockings as symbols and not as actual containers for small gifts, you could just make some out of paper. Make them look authentic by choosing suitable prints and colors and by decorating them with small toys, ribbons and other things. {found on thecraftsworld}.

Holiday garlands

Modern Holiday Garland

Garlands are fun. You can hang them in front of the fireplace, on walls, on trees and in a variety of settings and places. However, we tend to take them for granted and we don’t even think of the possibility to craft your own unique garlands. You could make one out of greens, just as shown on Idlehandsawake.

Vintage Noel Banner

Instead of the usual tinsel garland, you could try a stylish banner this year. The Noel design featured on Mesewcrazy is a great inspiration source. This one was made out of silk fabric, ribbon, gems, craft wire and clothespins. You can change the design and even the colors.

small felt garland

The felt garland featured on Themagiconions is really cute and also pretty easy to make. Actually, if you look closely those aren’t simple felt pom-poms but actually acorns. They’re small and adorable and you can make them out of felt balls in various colors and real acorn caps. Use hemp string and a needle to arrange them in a garland.

Seasonal garland for the fireplace

You could also string some pine cones and make a seasonal garland for the fireplace. It would be nice to make it look as if the cones are covered in snow and to do that you’ll need some white paint. Hang the cones with floral wire and make the garland as long as you want. {found on the magiconions}.

Origami star garland

The star garland featured on Asweetafternoon looks really chic and, when you think about it, something like this would also be fun to make. The stars are made of paper and they are of two different types. You can use different origami designs to make a mixture of stars of different shapes, sizes and colors.

Perler beads garland

Have you ever worked with Perler beads? They’re pretty fun and versatile. Here’s how you can use them to make a Christmas garland. Take a round peg board and arrange the beads to form an ornament. Cover the board with ironing paper and iron the ornament until the beads melt and let it rest for a while. Remove the paper and, if you want, repeat for the other side as well. You can then melt some beds to make letters and display these on the ornaments. {found on vikalpah}.

Merry and Bright Christmas Banner

If you really want your garland to shine, you could use some gold tissue paper to make large pom-poms. Cut the sheets in down and fold one in half and then fold it like you would for a paper fan. Secure the middle with a piece of wire and then give the pom-pom a fluffy look. {found on abeautifulmess}.

Handmade Christmas ornaments

Wreath Tree Ornament

It’s easy to buy all the ornaments you need from a store but this means that they’re not exactly special. If you want something unique, you better do it yourself. Looking at how cute these mini wreath ornaments on Diys are, we can almost feel the inspiration and all the great ideas that could make this Christmas special.

Kids inspired Christmas Tree ornaments

if you’re tired of the same old Christmas ornaments, look for alternatives. You might even find some in your own home. For example, if you have some plastic dinosaur toys, you can hang them in your Christmas tree but not before painting them. If the dinosaurs are white, that’s perfect because you can paint them any color you want. You can even put some glitter on them. {found on craftandcreativity}.

Wood Slice Christmas tree Ornaments

To make wood slice tree ornaments like the ones on Spalvotasdryzuotas you don’t need a lot of things. However, it might not be that easy to find wood pieces with the right dimensions. In any case, once you have everything ready you can start drilling holes in the wood slices so you can then string them using ribbon.

Mini Hand Christmas Tree Ornaments

Polymer clay is ideal for making small ornaments and decorations. It’s the material used for the miniature hands displayed on Almostmakesperfect. In addition to the clay you need a sculpting knife, a rolling pin, gloss glaze and elastic string. The hands are easy to craft and if you’re think you’re up to it you can also try making some more complex designs.

Candy Stripe Alphabet DIY Ornaments

The colorful alphabet ornaments featured on Craftpaperscissors were made of recycled cardboard. You can make something similar yourself out of an old shoe box. In addition to the cardboard you’ll also need an assortment of yarn colors and some baker’s twine. Cut out the cardboard letters and then wrap yarn around them.

Glass painted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Can’t find some decent Christmas ornaments in your favorite color? No worries. You can paint some yourself. Use clear glass ornaments and acrylic craft paint. Remove the metal cap and pour a little bit of paint inside. Then rotate the paint around keeping the top sealed. Pour any excess paint back into the bottle. Let it dry. {found on Diys}.

Small Tubes Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can craft a lot of interesting things using tiny metal tubes and beads, including some unique Christmas ornaments like the ones featured on gloriafort. You can either recreate the design featured here or come up with one of your own. The star pattern is actually pretty cute.

Wood Slice Christmas Tree Ornaments DIY

Your ornaments could send a message and you can customize it however you want. What we’re suggesting is making decorative banners similar to the one on Housefulofhandmade. This one is made of small wood slices. For a similar project you’ll also need a drill, some string or twine and a marker.

Scrabble Christmas Tree Ornaments

You could also send a message with scrabble ornaments. The idea comes from Nur-noch. You can just glue a few scrabble tiles together to form words and then glue some ribbon or twine on the back so you can hang them. There are, of course, a variety of alternatives. For example, you can turn each individual tile into an ornament and mix and match the letters to form different words.

Dried Flower Christmas Ornament

It would be a waste of material to just throw away your old Christmas ornaments. A much better idea would be to use them in your projects and to redecorate them to make them look interesting once again One idea is to decorate them with dried flowers. The result is incredibly beautiful and you can check some design ideas on Gardenmatter.

Sprinkles Tree Ornaments

You can also give some plain ornaments a makeover by dipping them in sprinkles. It’s the idea featured on Adorablast. To get this particular look you need clear ornaments, rainbow sprinkles, glue, washi tape, ribbon, string and pegs. Put tape around the bottom and then coat it with glue. Dip it in sprinkles and let it dry by hanging it with clothespins.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

The secret to the full and fluffy look of these Christmas tree ornaments is felt. Green felt is the main material. A little bit of brown felt is also needed together with some embroidery floss and a thick needle. Basically you need felt squares in 6 different sizes and some brown felt circles for the base of the tree. {found on hellowonderful}.

Driftwood Christmas Tree Ornament

Beautiful Christmas ornaments can be made out of all sorts of simple things, including twigs or driftwood. In fact, arranging some driftwood pieces in the form of a Christmas tree is really easy. Look for pieces that have different lengths or cut them to the desired size. you’ll need a small drill bit to make holes at the center of each piece of wood so you can then hang them all with string. {found on sustainmycrafthabit}.

Using plastic Easter eggs

Acorns are cute but a little bit too small to be visible on the branches of a large Christmas tree. You can make some large acorn ornaments by using plastic Easter eggs and pine cones. Spray paint the eggs and then take apart a pine cone so you can glue the pieces on one half of the egg to make it look like an acorn top. This ingenious idea comes from Domesticallyblissful.

minimalistic Scandinavian-inspired decoration

You can use ornaments even if you don’t have a Christmas tree. In fact, you can quickly put together one out of a thin wood board and some dowels. What you’ll get is a minimalistic Scandinavian-inspired decoration. Hang some wood slice ornaments on the dowels to complete the look. {found on ideas.sewandso}.

Beautiful small felt christmas tree ornaments

If you have some free time and plenty of patience on your hands, you could make some cute and intricate felt ornaments like the ones on Cutesycrafts. The required materials include felt in various colors such as baby blue, white, beige, green and orange, coordinating embroidery floss for each type and some ribbon to hang them with.

Glitter ornaments for Tree

It would be great to find some plain white ornaments, preferably flat like the ones on Thebeautydojo. They’ll be like a blank canvas on which you can put anything you want. A nice idea can be to decorate with gold glitter and stamps. You’ll need some painter’s tape if you want to keep the lines clean.

Buttons Christmas Tree Ornaments

Give your own ornaments a makeover without necessarily changing their style too much. You can still let them maintain their vintage appeal even if their look changes. In other words, we suggest gluing buttons onto the ornament to cover up its surface. It’s an idea that we found on Karensupontthehill.

Wooden beads and colorful rope garland

In case tinsel garlands aren’t to your liking, being always so fluffy and brightly-colored, you’ll be happy to know that not all garlands are like this. In fact, some can be really simple and really chic, like the one made out of wooden beads and colored yarn. We found this design on curbly and we think it’s worth a try this Christmas.

Birch wood slice ornament

Another idea you can try if you enjoy rustic ornaments is to decorate some wood slices. Use a wood burner or try another method such as markers or paint. You can either make your own slices or buy some ready-cut ones. If you need more details, check out Danslelakehouse.

Leather Leaf Christmas Tree Ornament

There are plenty of interesting crafts you can do with things you already have. For example, look for a small piece of leather and use it to make a feather-shaped ornaments out of it. An also paint it if you want. Hang it with a small piece of twine or anything else you happen to have around. Feel free to improvise and to give your ornaments any shape you want. Customize them with paint or washi tape. {found on kristimurphy}

Burlap Small Christmas Tree Ornament

Mistletoe is popular during this time of the year so how about a felt ornament that uses this symbol? You could make something that’s both fun and cute like the ornament featured on Gloriafort. All you need is some green felt, some red tape, a few beads, a piece of burlap and a needle and thread.

Wooden ball Christmas Tree Ornament

Wouldn’t it be interesting to decorate your Christmas tree with wooden balls instead of plastic or glass ones? You can make your own ornaments out of wooden balls and eye screws. Feel free to paint part of the ball and to create interesting geometric patterns and designs. If you want to use more than one color, start with one of them, let it dry and then add the second one. {found on liagriffith}.

Knited Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

An alternative can also be to crochet your own ornaments. You could make them spherical or give them any other shape you want. Try to find a simple design that also looks good so you can optimize your time and technique. If you’re up to it you can even create patterns or combine several different colors. Check out the details on Islaura.

Concrete Christmas Tree Ornaments

Since we’re discussing ways to craft Christmas ornaments from scratch, how about making something out of concrete. The ornaments would be a bit heavy so make sure your tree can hold them. You could also hang them somewhere else such as in front of the fireplace or from the staircase railing. Find out how to craft these on ohohblog.

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Tree

Small embroidery hoops can also be used to make cute ornaments and decorations for Christmas and also for other occasions. Check out the cat-themed designs on polkadotchair for inspiration. To make something equally lovely you’ll need linen fabric, wool felt, fusible fleece, 4’’ embroidery hoops, ribbon, a hot glue gun, thread, mini buttons and a cat template.

Wooden bead Star

The star ornaments featured on Nalleshouse are made out of wooden beads. They’re pretty easy to make and here are the instructions: string five beads on a piece of wire, take the first bead and twist the two lengths of wire at the ends together to hold the ebad in place. Then thread the short length of wire through the second bead and then add two more beads. Thread the wire through the fifth beads from the previous part of the project. Twist the two wire ends together and make the first star point. Then continue working with the long length of wire.

Beaded Star Christmas Tree

There are also other ways to make bead stars and one of them is described on Mottesblog. To make one beaded star ornament you need 30 wooden beads, craft wire, cooking twine and ribbon. Cut the wire to make around 80 cm long. String 12 bead onto one end and form a circle. Adjust the length of the strands to make them equal. Thread two beads on one of the strands , skipping the first one and repeating the process. Then thread the second wire through the outer circle beads and add one bead at top of the pairs of two.

Scandinavian Style Christmas Tree Ornaments

The ornaments featured on ideas.sewandso are also made of beads but of a different kind. This project requires fuse beads in red and white, a bead pegboard, red and white embroidery thread and a darning needle. Check out the designs and the instructions if you want to make something like this for your own décor.

Colorful Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments

Everyone usually has straws in the house and if you don’t mind cutting some into pieces you should definitely check out the cute Christmas trees featured on Efzincreations. They’re made out of plastic straws cut into pieces with different lengths. Make a small hole at the center of each piece and then thread them onto some wire or a pin.

Marble Tree christmas ornaments

As you probably know, you can make a lot of cute things out of clay. Today we’ll show you how to make marbled ornaments. you’ll need oven bake clay in various colors, cookie cutters shaped like trees or snowflakes, a small rolling pin and a straw. Mix together two pieces of clay of different colors to get the marbled effect, roll it on a flat surface and then cut it with the cookie cutter. Make a hole with the straw so you can hang it. Bake it and display it. {found on minted}.

Cute Clay Christmas Ornaments

A similar technique was also used for the ornaments on Gatheringbeauty. These ones were also stamped so perhaps you’d like to do the same for your own festive ornaments. As you can see, even monochromatic designs can look beautiful.

Precious Christmas Tree Ornaments

When you’re not displaying your ornaments in the Christmas tree, you can put them in a tin can filled with feathers. It’s not exactly a common thing to do but it looks pretty nice. You can spray paint the box or decorate it with wrapping paper. Find out more about this idea on thecraftsworld.

Advent calendars

Gift Box Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are usually displayed at the beginning of December so you need to start early if you want to make the most of it. We found this really cute idea on Craftandcreativity that suggests making a gift box calendar. Basically, every day of the month is represented as a small gift box decorated in a unique way.

Origami Box Advent calendar

The nice thing about gift box advent calendars is that the 24 boxes can be arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree. As far as the boxes go, you can craft them yourself out of cardboard or paper. You can then decorate them with wrapping paper or washi tape. {found on gatheringbeauty}

DIY upcycled Advent Calendar

Instead of small gift boxes you could opt for small paper bags instead. They’re easier to craft and they can also be bought. Don’t forget to customize each one with a number so you can organize them accordingly. Find out how to make and decorate the bags from the details on curlymade.

Printable advent Calendar

Small envelopes can also be an option. To make them a bit more interesting, you can print on them. The idea comes from idlehandsawake. Notice that each envelope has a number printed on it. They’re all hanging from a branch decorated with greenery.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

It doesn’t really matter if you’re using gift boxes, small paper bags or envelopes. What’s important is that you display your advent calendar in a fun and attractive way. You could display it on a wall in the form of a Christmas tree as shown on nur-noch.

Pallet Christmas Advent Calendar

It can also be fun to alternative a variety of containers. For example, use a pallet as your display frame for the advent calendar. Make four rows, each featuring a different concept. On one you could put small paper bags, on another you could hang tiny stockings, on another you could put tiny buckets filled with goodies, etc. {found on thirstyfortea}.

Black and white Advent Calendar Boxes

A fun idea can also be to simply display a bunch of small gift boxes casually in a corner of a room or on a table. They can be simple simple white paper boxes each decorated with a black marker or painted with watercolors. {found on puresweetjoy}.

Modern Advent Calendar

We like the symmetry and simplicity of the modern advent calendar featured on Homeyohmy. The Christmas tree tags are really cute and you could make your own out of mini wood tree stickers. Paint them black and use a white paint pen to write a number on each one.


String your advent calendar treat bags on fairy lights and casually display them on a wall. You can also put a photo on each bag. You’ll need a string of fairy lights, 24 photos, tags, pegs and washi tape. Find out what to do with them from the tutorial on Lingyeungb.

Wood Advent Calendar

Not all advent calendars are extra complicated and difficult to put together. You can make something really simple similar to the painted christmas tree on Sayyes. It’s a project that requires a few simple things like some plywood or balsa wood, black paint, double-sided tape or velcro, christmas ornaments and small numbers. Decorate the tree piece by piece.

Edible Advent Calendar

A really fun idea can be to make an edible advent calendar. We found this great biscuit recipe and the perfect way to display the biscuits on Kittenhood. To make your own edible calendar you’ll need number cookie cutters, a toothpick, some thread and a needle, a tree branch and string.

Bottle Advent Calendar

The advent calendar featured on Piximitmilch doesn’t follow the traditional design, only having four modules. The calendar is made up of four glass bottles that act as candle holders. They’re decorated with ribbon, pine branches and numbers from one to four which have been printed on paper and then cut.

Candle ornaments and centerpieces

Candle Centerpiece for Christmas

Even if you’re not very fond of candles you have to admit that they make the décor feel warm and cozy. With that in mind, we chose a few projects that use candles and we decided to share them with you. One of them is featured on Atilio.metromode. The design is simple and the materials needed a bit unusual, including a lampshade, an antique candle holder, fishing line and pine branches.

Green Christmas Candle Centerpiece

The centerpiece featured on Dekotopia brings the forest indoors. You can make something equally cute if you have a glass bowl or some other shallow container, some moss, a few white candles, some pine cones and a few mushroom ornaments.

Candles are the main attraction for the centerpiece

Candles are the main attraction for the centerpiece described on Atilio.metromode. What’s really interesting is the fact that the base is made of popsicle sticks. They’re glued together and they hold four small sockets at the top, in the four corners. These in turn hold the candles. The box is filled with moss.

Ice Candle Glass

If it’s cold enough outside you can make some really interesting candle votives. You’ll need two containers of different dimensions. Place the smaller one inside the other and secure them together making sure they’re centered. Fill the gap in between them with water and add a few fir tree branches and some small pinecones. Put the containers in the freezer. When the water turned into ice, remove the mold and put a candle inside. {found on miss-monday}.

Peppermint Mason Jar candle

How would you like to make your own candles? By that we mean you’ll be working with wax, oil, wicks and everything related. There’s a great tutorial on Apumpkinandnaprincess which also shows you how to decorate the candles and turn them into Christmas ornaments.

String light star ornament

Large Star Ornament

Although you could also skip the string lights, the star-shaped ornament featured on Abeautifulmess could use a little bit of spark. The other supplies needed for the project include a saw, five dowel rods, glue, paint, primer, a garland and duct tape.

Christmas cards

Displaying Photos on Wall

If you’re sending Christmas cards to your loved ones that means you must also receive some so here’s a project that lets you display them all in one place. It’s something that we found on Themerrythought. The supplies needed for the project include a few wood boards, sandpaper, sawtooth hangers, a hammer, thumbtacks and some clips.

DIY photo holder

Clay Star Photo Holder

Since we mentioned Christmas cards just now, we’ll continue with a nice holder which you can use for displaying these cards or some photos. The nice thing about these holders is that they’re shaped like stars and they can easily double as Christmas ornaments. Find out more on Curlymade.

Snow globes

Snow Globes For Christmas

Snow globes used to be very popular a while ago and they can still look charming if you manage to revive their charm and adapt them to suit your current décor. Consider making your own holiday snow globes. You could use mason jars, festive ornaments and glitter or plastic confetti. You can find detailed instructions on Boulderlocavore.

Frozen inspired Christmas Ornament

Although technically the ornament featured on Thepartygirl isn’t a snow globe, it’s so cute we couldn’t ignore it. The design is inspired by Frozen. You can make something similar with fake snow or with glitter and you can make your own snowman pieces out of clay. Put them inside a clear ornament.

Diy Ari plants Christmas Ornaments

In a way, you could consider the air plant centerpiece featured on Flaxandtwine a variation of a snow globe. In fact, you can add some fake snow and turn this into a beautiful Christmas decoration. Air plants are great because they don’t require soil which means you can display them in a lot of interesting ways.

Holiday letter ornaments

Noel Letters

You don’t have to go overboard this year with all sorts of decorations and ornaments. As long as you send the right message it should all be perfect. What better to do this than with some festive letters? To craft these you need templates, cardboard, wrapping paper and strong tape. Make as many letters as you need and spell out “Christmas”. “Noel” or whatever else you want. It could be easier to just get some foam or cardboard letters and simply decorate them. {found on trimcraft}