Fun Design Ideas To Make A Playroom More Exciting

Ask your kids for playroom design ideas and they’ll give you crazy answers. But maybe you’re on the right track. You have to be a little crazy when designing a playroom so you can make it fun for the kids. but there has to be a well-thought plan and a practical side to everything. Here are a few ideas that let you balance those perfectly.

Fun floor décor.

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Place the kids’ favorite game in the center so they can gather around it

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Not too crazy but not boring ether, polka dots are a lovely option

Kids aren’t always fans of sitting on the sofa or the chair when playing so they spend a lot of time on the floor. It’s why the playroom should have a cozy rug. And since that’s a must, why not make it fun and choose a colorful design? You can find rug and carpets with all sorts of great prints.

Themed decors.

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If you go with a nature-inspired theme, you can have fake grass and even a tree
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A Lego-themed room is actually very practical
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Transform the playroom into a fun space without making it look cartoonish

by David H. Ramsey 

Pick a theme and go with it. Depending on what the kids love, you have a variety of choices. Try something inspired by their favorite cartoon or character, something inspired by nature, by a book or something more general. Be creative and plan everything in advance.

Playrooms with slides.

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A bunk bed with a slide makes mornings a lot more fun

by Collective Image Photography

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The slide can be attached to a small playhouse you can fit in the corner

by Sarah Greenman

Kids love slides. Adults doo too but they’re too old to use them. Having a slide in the playroom will keep the kids busy and happy and will give them a reason to exercise more. But avoid making the slide look out of place and use it in combination with other features.

Playroom/ guest room combos.

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Choose modular furniture that can have double functions
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The bed is extendible and the drawers are great for storing toys

This may sound like an odd combination of functions but having a two-in-one playroom and guest room is actually clever. it lets you save space and you can have both functions in a single space. However, the design has to be balanced so don’t make it look too cartoonish.

Pastel colors in the girls’ playroom.

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Complement a pastel playroom with an elegant chandelier

Some colors and nuances are gender-oriented. For example, if you’re designing a girl’s playroom, then you should use pastel colors as opposed to dark, dramatic shades. Give the room a harmonious and delicate look and use accessories that match the style.

Don’t forget the ceiling.

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The fan combines all the main colors used in he room

The ceiling is often overlooked when decorating but, since it’s the playroom we’re talking about, you should extend your creative thinking to cover this area as well. There are lots of fun options. Paint the ceiling, cover it with decals, fluorescent little stars or accessorize it with a colorful ceiling fan or pendant lamp.

Wall decals.

Don’t overwhelm the room with huge decals. Use them as accent decorations

Wall decals are an excellent way of adding color to a room and also of giving it character. They’re also very practical, easy to attach to the walls and easy to remove. In other words, decals let you change the way a room looks like in a matter of minutes.

Hanging chairs.

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The pitched roof makes the center of the room perfect for hanging a chair

You wish you had a hanging chair in your room when you were a kid and with good reason. A hanging chair is like having a swing right there in your room. It’s fun, comfortable and entertaining. Hang it from the ceiling, in the corner of the room or wherever you find a suitable space.

Colorful storage.

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Paint the wall behind the shelves a bold shade for contrast

by Pat Sudmeier

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Make sure the kids can easily reach the containers and the shelves

by Sarah Greenman

Kids don’t really get excited about storage. But you can be clever and make it fun for them to clean the room and to organize their toys if you use colors and labels. It’s more practical to have open shelves and colorful containers as opposed to traditional closets, cabinets or drawers.

Chalkboard table.

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In addition to a chalkboard table, you can also have chalkboard walls

Didn’t you use to draw with chalk on the furniture when you were little? Then you missed out on a lot of fun. Of course, as a parent, it would be much more practical to get the kids a chalkboard table so they don’t run the whole room with their doodles.

Give kids some private space.

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Build a reading nook with comfy seats and shelves

by Doug Snower Photography

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A playhouse would also be nice if the layout of the room allows it

by  D.C. Photography

Kids, pretty much like cats, enjoy hiding in tiny spaces. They love having their own little space where they can read, draw, color or simply relax. Build a private nook somewhere in the room or get them a tent.

Low chalkboard wall and seating.

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Leave one of the walls furniture-free and give it a chalkboard finish
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You can place the mattress directly on the floor for a more cozy and casual feel

Everything you include in the room has to be placed at the right height and to have the right dimensions If you want the kids to have a chalkboard so they can draw and doodle, it has to be low enough for them to reach it or they’ll use chairs and stools which is not that safe. The seating should also be at a comfortable level.

Climbing walls.

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Use pipes to make a climbing ladder for the loft bed
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Include a climbing wall on one side of the playhouse

Another fun feature to include in a playroom is a climbing wall. It works really well in combination with a playhouse and a slide. Another option can be to have bunk beds with ladders to make it a little more interesting for the kids.

Secret hiding spaces.

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There’s something about tiny doors that makes them seem very mysterious
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A secret door under the loft bed would completely change the décor

Create secret spaces for the kids to use when they’re playing hide and seek or when they simply want a little more privacy. you can have tiny doors in the walls separating the areas in the room or secret doors behind bookcases or underneath the staircase.

Hidden beds.

Hide the bed in a secret compartment under the floor to maximize the space

Try to leave as much of the floor-space in the room furniture-tree so kids have more room to play. You don’t necessarily have to give up important pieces such as the bed. You can simply hide them. For example, you could opt for a Murphy bed or you can hide the mattress under the floor.

Bold striped walls.

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Use colors that go well together or create strong contrasts
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The stripes here extend onto the ceiling and even onto the floor

Paint bold and colorful stripes on the walls to give the room a more dynamic and fun look. Stripes are classical but they can be customized in all sorts of ways. For example, they can extend onto the ceiling as well and they don’t even have to be symmetrical.

Wall-dividers with storage.

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Use dividers to delimitate the different areas in the room

It can be useful to delimitate the areas in the playroom. You can use wall dividers with interesting and fun shapes which also allow you to opt for built-in storage. A practical solution with two very useful functions.