Modern Playhouses That Make Perfect Backyard Additions

Who wouldn’t want a playhouse as stylish and fun as any of the ones we’re about to have a closer look at? Even as an adult it wouldn’t be unheard of to enjoy playing in such a way. These modern playhouses are more chic and sophisticated than plenty of residences so they definitely deserve all the attention. They’re playhouses for kids and they’re equipped with all sorts of fun features. In addition, their architecture is pretty impressive.

Cubby outdoor playhouseView in gallery

This is a playhouse created by Doherty Design Studio, a multidisciplinary design practice based in Melbourne. It was designed as part of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show and its name is the Vardo Hut.

Design a small playhouseView in gallery

Its structure is clad in wooden slats painted white on the exterior. The windows and doors are round, giving the playhouse a cute and fun look a little bit inspired by fairy tale and hobbit houses. The interior is really fun part.

Melbourne international flower design this playhouseView in gallery

round doors for playhouseView in gallery

upholstered bench and shelvingView in gallery

Diff accessories for playhouse insideView in gallery

In here there’s a comfortable upholstered bench with colorful storage cubbies underneath. Apart from that there are also a few open shelves which are great for storing and displaying toys and other things. A small desk can be used as a work station for small projects.

Colorful Shelves and plantsView in gallery

Natural light for the playhouseView in gallery

Another fun feature is the hammock floor which functions as a loft area. Up here the kids can relax, read a book, admire the view or just spend time together and chat.

Modern wooden playhouse for adultsView in gallery

Another really interesting design was created as part of Canfor’s Playhouse Challenge, an annual event that gathers top wood suppliers and local architects and builders. The event focuses on creating fun and creative playhouses for kids.

Climbing stairs for playhouseView in gallery

This particular design was created using a minimal palette of materials(only 2 x 3’’ pieces of spruce-pine fir). However, the limited array of materials wasn’t an impediment for the architects and designers who managed to make the project really fun and really interesting.

Sam Pam PlyhouseView in gallery

Angle view for the playhouseView in gallery

Colorful rope to climbView in gallery

Two individual wooden boxed are connected by a bridge which the kids can use to exercise and play. The rope bridge is definitely a fun feature along with horizontal wooden ladder. The design was displayed in 2013 and was a project by McFarlane Biggar Architects + Designers Inc., a multidisciplinary practice based in Vancouver.

Playhouse inspired by japanese architectureView in gallery

This minimalist and sculptural playhouse was designed by David Lamolla of SmartPlayhouse. This is one of the several stylish designs, all of which are inspired by Japanese architecture. The design is simplistic and practical.

Playhouse inspired by japanese architecture designView in gallery

The outer shell is durable and versatile. It can easily fit in a modern or contemporary backyard and it would not be affected by rain. There are two different versions of this playhouse. The standard one features a single volume while the bigger version has two levels connected by an internal staircase.

Kyoto playhouseView in gallery

kyoto playhouse design architecture for japanese architectureView in gallery

The windows and openings have quirky geometric forms. However, only one of them pens, the rest being stationary. The door has a safety feature with finger protection. The interior is small but cozy, with a table and chairs for fun projects, storage areas other features.

Play Modern offset_outdoorView in gallery

The design by Hufft Projects introduces a totally new concept. The Play Modern Cuba and 2Cuba playhouses are designed with flexibility and versatility in mind. In other words, they allow the users to easily redesign and restructure them whenever they get bored of the previous configuration.

modern playhouse modular swingset outdoor playground indoorView in gallery

The modular playhouses bring a new fun feature in the spotlight. But that’s not their only inspiring characteristic. They panels they are built with are made from of eco-friendly plywood and the handrails are made of fully recyclable aluminum.

modern playhouse modular swingset outdoor playground indoorView in gallery

Each of the playhouses can be reconfigured in dozens of different ways and can even become two-story structures with roof decks. The single-story version has a patio. Both models are indoor-outdoor structures.

Play Modern - modern Playhouse annaView in gallery

There’s also a series of add-ons such as a slide, a sandbox and a kitchen which can be used together with the playhouses.


Garrison Treehouse Sharon DavisView in gallery

Playhouses and treehouses are quite similar in the sense that they’re both fun for both kids and adults. The two concepts were combined by studio Sharon Davis Design. The architects conceived this as a multipurpose structure on two levels.

Garrison Treehouse Sharon Davis DesignView in gallery

Garrison Treehouse Sharon Davis with SlideView in gallery

It measures 350 square feet and it a perfect addition to any backyard. It can be accessed via a custom climbing net and a trap door. Inside, a stainless steel slide connects the two levels and curves around a net floor. In addition to the slide and net, kids can also climb down on fire poles.

Garrison Treehouse Sharon Davis interiorView in gallery

At the top of the treehouse/ playground there’s a lovely open space with a desk and net walls. From up here the views are wonderful. Of course, this depends on the location.

Garden TreeHouse DesignView in gallery

A similar combination between a tree house and a playground was designed by Verner Architects. The structure is supported by thin columns and can also be attached to an actual tree. It’s clad in wood which gives it a really cozy look.

Backyard tree House tableView in gallery

The “ground floor” is pretty much just an empty space where a swing could be added or which could be used as a playground. Climb up and a small deck is revealed. It has a sun shade and protective railings.

Zip Lane treehouseView in gallery

The interior is simple and cozy, with a wooden table and benches. The small windows offer nice views and there are also a few skylights which let in natural light.