Animal-Shaped Furniture Pieces For The Most Adorable Interior Decors

Animals are the theme of a lot of kids’ room decor, being appreciated for their cuteness and lovable character. On one hand, that means you can always have an idea to rely on when decorating with kids in mind but, on the other hand, finding kids’ bedroom furniture with animal-inspired designs is quite the challenge. Still, there are probably more options than any of us can imagine. We’ve gathered some of them here.

Pig Decor Accent for Living room and StorageView in gallery

Sure, pigs can be messy but they can also be really cute and that’s the idea that this cabinet is trying to suggest. You can either see it as a quirky and funky accent piece for the living room or as a perfect piece for the kids’ room. Either way, it looks really cool.

Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba Sending animalsView in gallery

Remember that story written by the Grimm Brothers where a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster leave their masters to become musicians in the town of Bremen? At one point they decide to stand on each other, much like this trio does here. The difference is these are cabinets.

Sending Animals by Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi MalerbaView in gallery

This trio of stacked cabinets is quite fun and intriguing. Inside each one you can find compartments which can be used for the storage of various goods. The cow, for example, could make a nice bar cabinet.

Storage by Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi MalerbaView in gallery

You could also bring the cow into the dining room and store dishes and glasses in it. it would stand out but in a way it would also fit in nicely.

Living room Pig Furniture Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi MalerbaView in gallery

This funky trio of animal-shaped cabinets was designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba. They’re built out of wooden crates and they all feature numerous shelves, nooks and pocket drawers.

Sending animals Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi MalerbaView in gallery

The pig can serve as a nice living room cabinet or console table and inside you can store things like books, magazines and snacks. It could also fit nicely in the kids’ room. They could keep some of their toys or coloring books inside.

Sending animals Italian designer Marcantonio DuckView in gallery

The goose is the smallest of them all and you can use it as a nightstand or as a cute side table. Pair it with a comfortable chair and you can put together a cozy reading corner.

Animal inspired kids furnitureView in gallery

This cute little chest has a design inspired by the pig and together with a desk shaped like a cow, a pair of cat and dog stools and a pencil holder that looks like a chicken they form a lovely furniture collection for kids, designed by Natasa Njegovanovic. The collection is called Avila.

Joe Bear ibride furnitureView in gallery

This is Junior, a shelving unit shaped like a bear. It comes in two colors: white and brown and its proportions are pretty accurate. Use the compartments as bookshelves or display collections on them. Since this is a 3D design, it would be a shame to rest it against a wall so you might as well use it as a room divider. The kids would probably love it so maybe they should have one as well.

Junior cool bookcase designView in gallery

The white version looks like a polar bear. It’s both cute and imposing as well as surprisingly lightweight. You could definitely put it in the kids’s room but nobody would protest if you bring it into the living room. After all, polar bears and cute no matter how old you are.

Animal inpired furniture for kids roomView in gallery

Some find crows creepy and gloomy but we think they’re quite graceful and majestic, especially when they come in the form of decorations and home accessories, like this one. Its name is Edgar.

Animal inspired diva lampView in gallery

What a clever pairing. The ostrich-inspired table and the lamp complement each other perfectly and together they\re called Diva Lucia. They belong together and you can use them as a duo in the living room, hallway or even the bedroom. There’s a table-only version as well.

Diva ibride side tableView in gallery

In this delicate shade of pink the Diva table is reminiscent of the graceful flamingo bird. We love how suggestive the form is and all the attention to detail. You can actually picture the rest of the bird and even give it a personality just by looking at this table.

Bambi ibride furnitureView in gallery

We’d almost expect this cabinet to sprint into the forest with its friends. Just look at the posture and how suggestive all the lines are. Use Bambi’s top as a display platform and the three drawers are storage modules.

Goose lamp in black from ibrideView in gallery

The Junon lamp looks like a goose. Like all the other pieces from the collection, its body has all these compartments which can be used as storage modules or which can be left empty. The head is a lampshade. Use it in the bedroom (yours or the kids’) or on a side table in the living room or the reading nook.

Goose Lamp Storage ibrideView in gallery

This funny goose-shaped lamp hides small drawers under its wings so you’d also have a nice secret storage space hidden in plain sight. What else could you want from a lamp?

Fausto Bookshelf storage for a modern designView in gallery

Fausto is not your usual bookcase. With two feet resting on the floor and two pushing against the wall, this unit is truly majestic. You can find it in three different color options: black, gray and red.

Kids StoolsView in gallery

We got a bit carried away with all those stylish animal-shaped furniture pieces and we forgot that kids prefer cute and small things, like these stools. This trio is so adorable we can’t even stand it. They’re called Bambi, Sheep and Cow and they’re designed by Takeshi Sawada.

Multifunctional Furniture that Encourages Kids to PlayView in gallery

Animaze is a collection of adorable animal-shaped modules designed for kids by Ekaterina Shchetina and Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero. The series is composed of a chair, a stool, a pouf, a console table and a rocking horse, all in the form of upholstered animals that fit inside solid wood outlines.

Multifunctional Furniture that Encourages Kids to Play DesignView in gallery

The Animaze collection is not just cute but also fun to play with and designed to encourage kids to be creative and think outside the box. All of the upholstered animals are kid-friendly.

Multifunctional Furniture and Playful furnitureView in gallery

The animals can be taken out of their wooden frames and used separately or combined to create various configurations. The wooden frames can be used separate as well and they too are kid-friendly.

Dodo bird from MagisView in gallery

This is Dodo, a rocking bird designed by Oiva Toikka.  It’s made of moulded polyethylene and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so the kids can take it outside and play without damaging it.

Playful kids furniture giraffe bookcaseView in gallery

We have one more adorable furniture piece to show you. It’s a giraffe-shaped bookcase and we think it’s perfect for the nursery or playroom. It’s designed by Royce Nelson and it has several storage compartments for books, toys and other kid-related items.