10 Clever Ways to Store and Display Your Child’s Books

Reading is essential to every child’s growth and development. Wether you read to them or they page through books themselves, you probably have an ever growing and changing stack of books for your child at home. But those brightly colored spines aren’t exactly what you’d prefer to style on your living room bookshelves and The Very Hungary Caterpillar isn’t really a coffee table book. If you want to encourage your child to read as well as keep your living room decor adult friendly, you need a space for all those kids books, preferable in their room. So check out these 10 clever ways to store and display your child’s books that will fulfill their desire to read and your desire for adult space.

IKEA shelves book storageView in gallery

You keep your books on a bookshelf, so why shouldn’t your child? IKEA’s Kallax shelves are the perfect solution to book storage. The squares allow spaces for books and baskets and boxes and all your other storage needs. It also requires books to stand up, instead of being shoved in a stack which just makes everything look more organized! (via Hither and Thither)

Book bin storageView in gallery

Hello DIY. Isn’t this book bin just perfect? It match any themed room you put it in and make book cleanup a tear-free process. You might even make another as a toy box. (via This Little Street)

Old crib book storageView in gallery

Every child has a crib they grow out of. If you won’t be keeping yours for baby number two, take it apart and use on of the slatted sides for displaying your child’s favorite books. Hanging vertically, they’ll be able to see every cover and choose a favorite themselves at naptime. (via Makely School for Girls)

Spice shelf book storageView in gallery

Picture ledges are running rampant nowadays… and they also make the perfect solution to book storage! Fill a wall with them or put a few in a corner book nook and suddenly, all those bright covers become a piece of art in your child’s room. (via The Effortless Chic)

Low shelf book storageView in gallery

It’s critical that books are easily accessible for kids or they’ll turn to other kinds of entertainment. A couple low shelves like these makes books easy to reach for everyone, from big kids to crawling toddlers. (via Cup of Jo)

Bedroom nook book storageView in gallery

Does your child have an interesting bedroom nook that you can’t quite figure out? Fill it with shelves and suddenly, an odd space becomes a playtime nook with spots for toys and books and stuffed animals. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Crate book storageView in gallery

You’ve probably seen these wooden crates at your local craft store. They’re so versatile, it’s hard not to have one or two on hand for when the need to DIY hits. Use one of them, cut it in half and screw it to the wall for a book crate in your child’s room. It will fit in any small space. (via BHG)

Pocket book storageView in gallery

These book pockets are genius. If you have the sewing skills, then you’re half way to having these pockets in your child’s room. Use whatever fabric matches best and cleanup time just became a breeze. (via Domestic Imperfection)

IKEA cart book storageView in gallery

There’s probably a million ways to use IKEA’s Raskog cart. Book storage is only one, but it’s an especially good one if your child’s room has absolutely no space for their books. You can keep this pretty cart in your living room and then roll away out of sight when guests come over. (via Kylie M. Interiors)

House shelf book storageView in gallery

How adorable is this house bookshelf? Don’t be surprised if your child end up taking all the books off and using the shelf for a dollhouse. It’s quite possible. (via The Brooding Hen)