DIY book cubby with skateboard wheels

Almost anything can be repurposed and used to make something new. For example, this lovely book cubby was made using old skateboard wheels and a wood crate. The idea of repurposing these items was very clever. They were useless when seen separately but together they created something new and functional.

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This book cubby was created for the nursery. It holds a growing collection of little boy’s books and it’s not yet full. Maybe when he will have some more books his parents will come up with another ingenious idea. Anyway, a similar cubby can be made from any kind of box. In this case a wood box was sued because it’s durable. The box was found in a furniture shop and it’s typically used for storing records. The wheels come from an old skateboard. Since it was no longer usable, the wheels were no longer needed so they made great additions to this new piece.

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Also, the wheels have many marks since they were used for several years. This makes the cubby unique. The wood cube was painted white to match the nursery. Then it was marked for the wheels and four holes were drilled. The wheels were installed and the cubby was finished. It was ready to be fileld with books. The result was a very simple but very practical book cubby, one that can be easily moved around the house and that also has a friendly and fun design.{found on projectlittlesmith}.