Top 10 Tips for Making Your Home Look Like a Cottage

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you are so completely ready to get away from it all. You start daydreaming about secluded cottages during work and spending your weekends trolling Airbnb when you should be cleaning. Well, imagine coming home to a cottage every day. Doesn’t that sound lovely? There are certain things that most cottages have which you can easily add to your own home’s exterior. Take a look at these 10 tips for making your home look like the cottage everyone else daydreams about.

1. Front Door

cottage front doorView in gallery

Believe it or not, the front door you choose is important when you’re going for that cottage vibe. If you want your home to seem open and airy and welcoming, you’ll definitely want a front door with a large window. (via Houzz)

2. Screen Door

cottage screen doorView in gallery

Yes, we’re still talking about your front door because screen doors are the second piece to the puzzle. All cozy cottages have one. It lets the fresh air and birdsong inside while letting the smell of a delicious dinner and the sound of family laughter drift out. Bonus points if someone in your home plays piano. (via On Sutton Place)

3. Porch Plants

porch plantsView in gallery

While most English cottages leave off a front porch, many American cottages have them. Yay for more decorating space! Putting some greenery on your front porch is an easy styling addition and adds a homey feel. I recommend boston ferns if your porch is shady. (via BHG)

4. Porch Seating

cottage seatingView in gallery

Doesn’t that look like just the place you want to curl up on Saturday afternoons? You can have that on your porch too with a whicker chair, some pillows and a blanket. It will make the perfect place for a good book or a chat with a friend over two lemonade glasses. (via The Cottage Market)

5. Painted Trim

cottage painted windowsView in gallery

You’ll notice that so many cottages have their windows painted a complimenting color besides white. Who knew that such a little bit of color would give a home so much charm and vintage feel. (via Mother Earth Living)

6. Shutters

cottage shuttersView in gallery

Buy them. Build them. Whatever you do, put some shutters on that up and coming cottage of yours. It’s a simple way to add a lot of interest to your home’s exterior. (via House of Turquoise)

7. Window Boxes

cottage window boxView in gallery

You might think this is a different view of the picture above, but it’s not. Just goes to show that the most charming cottages have window boxes. You can plant flowers in front and herbs under your kitchen window. How’s that for a practical yet decorative tip? (via Kruse’s Workshop)

8. Climbing Plants

cottage climbing plantsView in gallery

Ivy, roses, clematis, if it climbs, it will be good for the cottage feel of your home. It may take a year or two but the results are worth the wait. (via Country Living)

9. Stone Path

cottage stone pathView in gallery

Stone is another important element in the cottage style. Most of our homes are not actually made of it, so we have to find other ways to incorporate it into our exterior decorating. A stone path serves for interest or even a stone edge to a flowerbed. (via BHG)

10. Flower Beds

cottage flower gardenView in gallery

Doesn’t that look like where you want to spend your vacation? Stone path, gorgeous flowers, cozy seating. Every cottage has a flower garden, big or small. So start cultivating your green thumb so you can make yours a garden to envy. (via Home On The Range)