The Top 21 Guest Bedroom Ideas for Creating a Perfect Retreat

With the approach of the Fall season often comes the increase in overnight visitors. Late-night football games, family gatherings, and other autumn activities means your guest bedroom might see a significant increase in foot traffic. How do you create a guest bedroom that will be comfortable and inviting for all? Here are 21 simple yet effective guest bedroom ideas for decorating and arranging the guest bedroom to create the perfect space. Your visitors will feel at home and at ease and be happy to come back.

Modern Guest Bedroom Design
Mirror above the bed - pink walls

Mirror, mirror on the wall – Few things are as disconcerting as waking up in a bed that’s not one’s own and facing the world without having a chance to first check one’s appearance. Make sure your home’s guest bedroom is equipped with a mirror of some sort, whether large or small.

Bedding - traditional checkered pattern

Comfy checks – Warm up a cool space with some traditional checkered pattern. This historic pattern gives the sense of history and comfort without reading as too countrified, if that’s not your bedroom’s style. A buffalo check that involves a dark, earthy hue meshes well with a more contemporary guest space.

Bedroom Extra Blankets

Extra blankets – No matter the season (but especially as fall and winter approach), it’s always a thoughtful idea to leave an extra blanket or two in the guest bedroom. A throw on the bed, for example, works well because it’s already out in the room. If you choose not to add a throw onto the bed itself, stack one or two on a chair nearby or somewhere else that guests would find them easily.

Thoughtful pampering

Thoughtful pampering – Depending on how “hosty” you’re feeling, you might consider really amping up the pampering that your guests feel at your house. A tray with fresh flowers, a note, or even some late-night snack options can put your guests at ease and help them really enjoy their stay…and your thoughtfulness.

Bedside surface

Bedside surface – We all know how convenient it is to have a bedside surface near our own beds, whether it be a nightstand, a floating shelf, a small dresser, or whatever else. Guests deserve the same sort of convenience, so include some sort of horizontal surface by the guest bed, a place for a cup of water, their glasses, a book, even their keys.

Comfortable chair in the bedroom

Comfortable chair – Where space permits, it’s always a good idea to incorporate at least one actual chair into the guest bedroom. Sure, guests can perch on the edge of the bed to take off their shoes and what-not, but having the luxury of an actual chair is so much nicer. Plus, a comfortable chair is a nice place to drop into at the end of a long day of travel before one is quite ready to climb into bed.

Bold Pillows for bedroom

Bold pillows – Even in an otherwise monochromatic guest bedroom, tossing a couple of bold pillows onto the bed really goes a long way in infusing energy and a fresh feel into the space. These don’t, of course, have to be garish neon to be “bold.” A deep tangerine or a muted chartreuse, for example, are dignified versions of quite eye-popping hues while still adding a much-appreciated sense of life.

Cozy wall decor for guest bedroom

Cozy wall color – The wall color of a guest bedroom can be anything, really, but a dark, moody color is particularly calming and indicative of a cozy feel. Just be sure, if you go the route of rich, dark walls for your overnight visitors, that there are plenty of options for great lighting in the guest bedroom as well.

Bedroom plants for guest area

Plant life – It’s not always possible to place the guest bedroom in a pristine part of the house with great views and such. Perhaps your guest bedroom is tucked into a corner of the basement, even, with the tiniest of windows and a low ceiling. Not to despair – throw in some healthy, leafy potted greens (even if just for the night) to increase the feeling of freshness in the room. It is sure to put guests more at ease.

Guest bedroom design with a soft organic pallet

Soft, organic palette – Everything feels calmer somehow when viewed through the lens of a softened color palette. Cool khaki upholstery against dark chocolate walls topped with a warm caramel-colored pillow create a luxuriously zen retreat for any and all guests.

Guest bedroom Foot-of-the-bed piece

Foot-of-the-bed piece – Everyone likes a place to toss a jacket or their clothes at the end of a long day, right? A bench, a pair of ottomans, or a trunk positioned at the foot of the guest bedroom bed provides this same sort of lived-in comfort that we all enjoy. A piece like this even doubles as a place to store a suitcase while unpacking, which is convenient as well.

Secluded bed frame

Secluded bed frame – Children love playing in “forts” mostly because they provide a comfortable, secret hideaway from everything else. A guest bedroom’s strategic bed frame , such as a four-poster or high spindle frame, can provide that same desired sense of secluded getaway. As a bonus, the look is classic and stately, perfect for a guest bedroom that might not be the priority of frequent décor overhaul.

Guest bedroom chest drawers

Dresser drawer(s) – Living out of a suitcase can be tedious, whether it’s for one night or ten. If at all possible in your guest bedroom, keep a drawer or two empty and available for guests’ use. While some guests might not take advantage of this amenity, many will appreciate and enjoy it, simply because it makes one feel human again.

Bed setting with unique accents

Unique accents– Your guest bedroom will stand out when its décor incorporates unique elements. A reclaimed wood headboard against a chipped paint brick wall add rustic industrial appeal, for example, while aqua blue shag, Eiffel tower bedding, and geometric mirror wall art introduce sophisticated glamour. The result? A one-of-a-kind, memorable guest bedroom with plenty of personality and spunk.

Casual bedroom arrangements

Casual arrangement – For some guests, a pristine guest bedroom where everything is precisely aligned and in textbook-perfect order could result in an uneasy, uncomfortable feeling. For these visitors, prepping your guest bedroom with a free and casual decorating hand might be the key to their enjoyment. Literally toss the pillows onto the bed and kind-of fold and place the duvet for a clean-yet-homey aesthetic.

newell storage bed for guest bedroom

Secret storage – If your guest bedroom isn’t used terribly often, be sure to choose pieces that pull their weight in providing double-duty functionality. Your guests will never have to know that they’re sleeping on a treasure trove of storage space (unless you show them to brag about it, of course).

Patterned walls

Patterned walls – Clean-lined patterns (think: geometric) in quiet colors make for excellent large-scale wall surfaces, and this is certainly the case with a guest bedroom. If your tendency and preference is to keep things fairly neutral, consider opting for at least some sort of geometric pattern subtly displayed on the walls, ceiling, or floor to create critical visual interest and warmth within the guest bedroom itself.

Minimal accessories

Minimal accessories– In order for your home’s guest bedroom to feel comfortable for a variety of people with a variety of styles, you may consider the “less is more” approach to decorating. Keep the space free of extraneous pieces and devoid of clutter to allow your guests some space for their own presence.

Decorate the guestroom bed with pillows

Plenty of pillows – While you probably don’t want to hide half the guest bed under a mass of pillows (or do you?), it’s helpful for guests to have some options for pillows and pillow combinations. Extra-large shams can even take the place of a headboard. Plus, pillows can play a key role in emphasizing the décor or color palette of the space, so use this to your advantage.

Blue bedroom design

Colorful touches – To really create a guest bedroom that feels unique and energetic, embrace color as your friend. Colorful details, such as a cobalt headboard and matching footboard, emerald green sheeting, or other strategically placed colors will infuse the space vivacious appeal. Temper these vibrant hues with plenty of neutrals, though, for a restful balance.

Bedroom Funky Wallpaper Design - Freestanding Mirror

Bold, funky fun – So, maybe you’re ready for a little more funktown in your décor but aren’t quite brave enough to produce it in the high traffic rooms, such as the entryway, living room, or kitchen. Maybe the guest bedroom is the answer! Mix some patterns, throw some funky wallpaper onto a wall or two, just have fun with decorating. Your guests will undoubtedly be delighted with the unexpected vibe of “their” space.