Seashell Crafts That Bring The Beach Into Your Home

Unless they have some special, personal meaning which suggests something else, seashells are always associated with the beach, beautiful summer days and the refreshing breeze. It’s why any of these lovely seashell crafts could make your home smell like summer and make you dream about all the romantic walks on the beach and the fun moments spent with your loved ones.


Wreaths aren’t just for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other such events. They’re beautiful all year long and can be made using all sorts of seasonal items. For example, you can make a summer wreath decorated with seashells, seaglass and other similar things.{found on somuchbetterwithage}.

Snail shell planter

If you want to make your wreath look like it’s entirely made of seashells, then forget about the usual grapevine wreath and use a foam one instead. Glue the seashells one by one trying to cover the entire form and then add others in between to cover up the empty spots.{found on puddyshouse}.

Snail shell planter

And speaking of wreaths, they don’t all have to be round. Ever considered making a square wreath? It all starts the same way. You tie twine to the wreath so you can hang it later and then you start to glue on the shells. Add some small pieces of driftwood and make some twine circles as well.{found on findinghomeonline}.

Snail shell planter

Combine your most beautiful seashells with a piece of driftwood and make a beautiful decoration for the wall in your living room or bedroom. It’s an extremely simple project and you can customize it however you want. If you’re doing this for your beach house, this driftwood sign would look lovely.{found on aheartfulhome}.


You can also use all your favorite seashells and other small items you brought with you from the beach and make a windchime. You can also use pebbles, colored beads and even buttons. Make the strands as long as you want and hang them from a branch or a piece of driftwood.{fund on poindextr}.


If you have an old mirror with an ugly frame, perhaps a makeover would help it revive its beauty. You can glue seashells onto the frame until it’s completely covered in them. Mix and match colors and shapes and turn this forgotten accessory into a focal point.{found on saltwaterliving}.


If you don’t want the ugly mirror frame to show at all, you can first paint it. White is a good color. It provides a nice backdrop for all the seashells which you’ll be gluing on one by one. Another option is to pick a contrasting color if you prefer that look.{found on puddyshouse}.

Snail shell planter

Getting ready for a summer party? We have a lovely suggestion. Use rope and seashells to decorate the bottles or the jars/ glasses. It will make them look like they’re all dressed up for the occasion. This idea could also work for other events such as a beach wedding for example.{found on domestically}.


You can also use shells to decorate a planter or a vase. Start by tying twine in a nautical fish net around the container. Once this part is done, you can start to embellish it with beads and shells. This is the most fun part and the one where you get to use your creativity.{found on songbirdblog}.

Snail shell planter

Looking for a way to personalize your home décor? How about a seashell monogram? Start with a wooden monogram and first glue the larger shells on it. The fill the voids with smaller shells until you cover the whole thing. It’s like solving a puzzle.{found on plumperfectandme}.

Snail shell planter

There are also other a bit more unusual ways to use seashells. For example, put them in a jar and make a lamp. Here’s what you need: a Mason jar, a drill with a large drill bit and a lamp kit. Start by drilling a hole in the lid, large enough for the light socket to get through. Add the jar ring and the decorative base over the end of the socket, then add the lid and the washer and nut. Attach the lid to the jar. The seashells go in the jar and they’re purely decorative.{found on domestically}.


Another way to use seashells as decorative items is the following: take an empty coffee can, some sisal rope, a hot glue gun and some sea shells. Put a bit of glue onto the base of the can and start wrapping the rope around it tightly adding glue as you go. Then, when you’ve covered the whole can, glue a few seashells for décor. Use the container in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or wherever you want.{found on anastasiapollack}.

Snail shell planter

Similarly, you can use seashells to decorate your jewelry box or a giftbox. You can start by wrapping the box in colored paper. It’s best to not use patterned wrapping paper because then the design will be too busy. Glue the shells one by one onto the lid of the box.{found on missielizzie}.

Snail shell planter

In case you have some shadowbox frames in the house and no idea what to display in them, here’s a suggestion: use seashells. Remove the back and use the paper that came with the frame as a background. Then fill the frames with shells and make sure you don’t leave any empty spots.{found on itsthelittlethingsthatmakeahouseahome}.


There’s more than one way to add seashells to a shadowbox. Instead of filling the frame with lots of small shells, you can just use one or two larger ones. Add a piece of wood to the frame to provide a solid background.{found on darice}.

Snail shell planter

You don’t necessarily need to add the seashells to something in order to make them stand out. They can be interesting on their own. Well, maybe they need a bit of help actually. Here’s an idea: use oyster shells and some liquid copper leafing. First wash the shells and let them dry. Then decorate them.{found on bumblebreeblog}.

Snail shell planter

Small seashells can make great party or wedding favors. Here’s what you need for this project: mini glass bottles with corks, paper of cardstock printed with your message, sand, tiny shells and starfish. Add a bit of sand to the bottom of each bottle and then add a few shells and starfish. Add the message and seal the bottles with cork.{found on livingwellspendingless}.

Snail shell planter

A similarly beautiful idea is to use tiny shells to decorate the place cards at a wedding. Print all the names and cut out the cards. Then embellish them using tiny seashells or rope. You can combine these two things and came up with your own design.{found on tikkido}.


And speaking of parties and weddings, here’s another interesting idea. Put your party favors in tiny buckets. You can fill them with treats and other small things and you can decorate them with colored ribbon and seashells. This works well if you’re planning a summer party or a party at the beach.{found on abrideonabudget}.


For a coastal interior décor, you can use shells as wall art. You’ll also need some photo frames which you can paint blue, green or turquoise. You also need some flat seashells and starfish and a hot glue gun. After you paint the frames, trace out the shape onto cane and cut it out to make the backing. Glue it on and then simply add the shells.{found on h2obungalow}.


Some seashells are too beautiful to hide in a drawer or to forget on a shelf. And you don’t need a lot of them to make beautiful wall art. Just take a piece of wood and attach three or four beautiful shells onto it with blue. Then mount the piece of wood onto the wall.{found on gingerlymade}.

Snail shell planter

Here’s another similar example, this time featuring starfish. You can easily replace them with seashells if you already have those. You can break apart a wooden pallet and use a piece of wood from there in case you happen to have one ready.{found on craftsbycourtney}.


Not all shells stay intact but even if they’re all in pieces you can still use them to make something beautiful to display in your home. Take all the ruined pieces of shells and arrange them to create a simple shape like a heart. Then glue them onto a piece of wood.{found on tatteredandinked}.

Snail shell planter

These aren’t seashells. They’re actually snail shells but you get the idea. Use the shells as tiny planters. You can then hang them in your home or display them on the mantel or wherever else you want.{found on flickr}.