35 Cute And Easy-To-Make Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors are very cute because they are small items guests take home with them and remember the newly-weds by. If you want to avoid spending too much time and effort worrying about these details, you can buy the favors and let someone else deal with making them.

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But, on the other hand, if you want something a little more personal, if you want the guests to really be able to remember you when they look at the little item, then you can make the favors yourself. There are plenty of designs and projects that are easy to make and very lovely at the same time. Hopefully, the one you choose is among these 35 examples.


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A great way of personalizing the wedding favors is with scrabble magnets. Make 4-letter words for each favor and be creative.{found on projectwedding}.


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If you want something fresh and eco then you might want to consider these small succulents. Choose the ones you like, put them in small containers and attach a tag.{found on weddingsbylilly}.

Tea or granola.

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An edible gift would also be nice. You can offer your guests tiny jars of honey, granola, tea and all sorts of other goodies. Attach a nice tag or put them in a lovely box.

Coffee beans.

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Another simple but lovely idea would be to make tiny bags filled with coffee beans. They will smell wonderful and you can also find nice messages to write on them.{found on site}.


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Personalized items are wonderful. You can personalize a few matchboxes and write a nice pun or message for the guests. You can also choose the template and design.{found on etsy}.


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A very delicious idea would be to adapt a cheesecake recipe and to make a tiny one to put in a jar and to offer your guests. They will definitely appreciate the sweet gift.{found on ruffledblog}.

Wood coasters.

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If you want to be thoughtful and to offer something they can use every day in their homes, they you could gift them some wooden coasters which you can make yourself.{found on ruffledblog}.

Personalized bottle.

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A fun gift would also be a small bottle of flavored vodka or other customized beverage. Your guests will appreciate the idea and they’ll most likely keep the bottle as a memory.


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This is another example of a personalized matchbox design. As you can see, the paper is cut to size and then glued to the matchbox, leaving the sides exposed.{found on stylemepreaty}.


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This tiny jar of lavender honey not only that looks delicious and very cute but it’s also quite elegantly decorated. It’s simple and sweet and a very nice idea for a favor.{image by Merry}.

Love bags.

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Another interesting idea is to make small bags with themed tags or designs and to fill them with all sorts of goodies. The size, design and content can be determined by you.

Fresh fruits.

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A sweet idea would also be to find small boxes or to make them and inside to put a few cookies or homemade goodies. You can also offer other things like pinecones, fresh fruit or coffee.{found on blushweddingblog}.

Vanilla sugar.

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These vanilla sugar favors are simple, elegant and thoughtful at the same time. They also come in a very interesting and attractive package.{found on applebrides}.

Fresh flowers.

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If you like flowers and want to offer your guests something that will last more than a few hours, you can give them a nice tulip bulb in a beautiful package.{found on site}.’

Cake slice.

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Trick your guests with something very elegant but also funny. It’s a small box shaped like a cake slice. Inside you can put all sorts of small things.{found on emmalinebride}.

No-Sew bags.

Bags m3 4w

If you have enough time, you could make small fabric bags for every guest and inside you can put a few sweet treats. Decorate them with a lovely bow.{found on site}.


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There are plenty of ideas that involve treats and sweets. One would be to offer a mini chocolate bar to each guest and to decorate it accordingly with wrapping paper and other details.{found on suchprettythings}.


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An interesting and simple idea for a weeding favor can be to make infused sugar using all sorts of plants and fruits. Offer a little bit of sugar in a tiny jar and decorate it beautifully.{found on site}.

Potted herb.

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For those that love nature and want to transmit this to their guests, a nice diea would be to offer tiny potted plants, maybe even customized designs or herbs.{found on thesweetestoccasion}.


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Using small ceramic tiles, scrapbook paper, twine and glue you can make some lovely coasters to offer to your guests. You can personalize them as you want.{found on baysidebride}.

Pie pops.

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Love is in the air at a wedding so you could use the heart symbol to transmit that. Make some nice pie pops for your guests and offer them a sweet treat when they arrive.{found on electic}.


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This cute object is a wedding favor made of birdseed. It’s a nice and interesting idea and the guests can use it as a bird feeder if they want.{found on intimateweddings}.


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These tiny things represent small versions of lemon bread. You can make one for each of your guests and you can decorate it beautifully. They can take it home or eat it right there.{found on thetwineryblog}.

Coffee bag.

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These coffee bag favors are very easy to make. You just have to sew the bags or buy them already made and then fill them with your favorite mix of coffee beans.{found on ruffledblog}.


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Another quite simple and elegant idea is to make candles for the guests. Put the wax mix in small containers or jars and wrap them nicely attaching a tag.{found on ruffled}.

Lemonade bottles.

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Homemade lemonade is always good and refreshing. You can offer some to your guests as well. Find small bottles and personalize them and make sure the lemonade is delicious.{found on projectwedding}.


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If you want to offer each guest something personalized, then you could make monogramed mugs for everyone. Decorate them with a bow and offer them as favors. You can also put treats inside.{found on designmom}.

Pie in a jar.

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These are pies in a jar. Make them with fresh fruit or other flavors and decorate them with tiny hearts. Put a nice tag on each one and you have some sweet wedding favors to offer.{found on greenweddingshoes}.

Tin can plants.

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Easy-to-make, fresh and cute, these tin can planters are a nice idea for a wedding favor, given that the theme and décor allow you to use them.{found on ruffledblog}.


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You could also offer your guests a fresh wedding favor such as a tiny paper bag filled with fruit or a tiny pie or pie-pop. They are all lovely and some are very easy to make.{found on onetowed}.


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Another extremely simple idea that would save you a lot of time and will also be appropriate for this occasion would be to offer a fresh fruit with a tag.{found on site}.

Beach inspired.

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For those that love the beach or that have a themed wedding, a nice jar or small container filled with beach sand, shells or pebbles would be lovely as a favor.


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These tiny succulents are put in small and transparent glass jars and this gives them elegance and also allows them to be simple and chic.{image by simply}.


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Since the ring is an important symbol for every wedding, you can also offer one to each of your guests. It doesn’t have to be a diamond ring, just something symbolic.