Step Up Your Book Storage With The Sapien Bookcase

At one point, the only place where you’ll be able to find hard copy books will be in museums and collectors’ homes but there’s still a long way to go until then. In the meantimes, we continue to struggle to find efficient ways of storing all these precious books. There are a few really practical options and one of them is the Sapien Bookcase.

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Its tall, vertical construction makes it ideal for small spaces. You get to stack the books on the shelves and to save a lot of floor space, compared to other types of bookcases. And because of the shape and dimensions, the Sapien Bookcase is perfect for corners.{found on 30smagazine}.

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Just tuck in the corner behind the living room sofa or by the window in your home office and you’ll get to save a ton of space while also having a really nice and stylish accessory in the room.{found on pierrenoir}.

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Corner’s aren’t the only great place for storing these vertical bookcases. If you have large columns in your home, then you can also have one of these beauties on each side, surrounding the column.

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The Sapien Bookcases look like sculptural towers when you fill them with books so instead of hiding them in a corner you can also choose to make them stand out and place them against a dark wall, preferably where the reading corner is also found.

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And since it takes so little space and offers so much in return, you can afford to also have one of these bookcases in the bathroom. Some reading material would actually be a nice addition.

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If you have a large collection of cookbooks or you simply enjoy reading something while you wait for dinner to be ready, put a Sapien Bookcase in the kitchen. There may not be a lot of space to spare here but surely you can find an unused corner.{found on realtyrestoration}.

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We’ve mentioned reading corners at one point and we’ll say it again: the Sapien Bookcase is simply perfect for these spaces.

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But don’t immediately assume corners are your best option. Take a look around the room and maybe you can an even better spot.

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You can use the Sapien Bookshelves to complete your living room décor. A small media unit or console table plus two or three of these pieces can form a complete unit.{found on nicolelanteri}.

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Consider the Sapien Bookcase if you have a tiny home. It can be one of the many clever storage solutions you can use when decorating the space.

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This design, as you’ve already seen, is incredibly versatile and you can pretty much place this bookcase anywhere in your home. However, there may a situation that would greatly restrict your options. Given the shape and overall design, the Sapien Bookcase is not exactly kid-friendly and it can be dangerous to let toddlers around it. But you can still have one if you make sure the kids can’t reach it.{found on photoklik}.