Cute Baby Shower Themes That Will Spark Your Imagination

There are plenty of lovely words you can use to describe a successful baby shower, words like “cute”, “sweet”, “adorable”, “funny” and many others. But how do you inspire people to use those words when describing a party you’ve planned? The first step is picking a nice theme and there are lots of good ones to choose from.


Sometimes the location can be your theme. For example, if you’re planning a beachside baby shower, you can the location as the main source of inspiration for everything. The colors can be soft pastels like the color of the sand, that of the sky, light pinks and corals and so on. You can also use seashells, starfish and other similar symbols.{found on hwtm}.

Outdoor baby shower design

The theme can also be something abstract such as bright colors combined with more specific things like balloons. In a case like this the party will be very colorful and fun. Try to keep things simple. The bright colors are enough to create a vibrant atmosphere. There’s no need for unnecessary details to make the event look and feel festive.{found on thesweetestoccasion}.

Glitzy pink gold baby shower

Speaking of which, a color can be a really good theme for a baby shower. If you’re looking for baby shower themed for girls, then take a look at this one. It’s a glitzy party where pink and gold and the two main colors. It’s really chic and beautiful.{found on poshpetalsandpearls}.

Salem Baby Shower

The baby shower featured on Bumpsmitten focused on three colors that paired really great with each other. Green, white and brown were chosen for the occasion. A white cake with a surprise array of green shades inside was a wonderful detail just like the green and brown macaroons.

Puppy shaped cookies for baby shower party

Who doesn’t love puppies and cute animals? Nobody, right? So why not use them as your theme for the baby shower? You could have puppy-shaped cookies, chocolate desserts decorated with green leaves and cute little frogs and a funny snail as your third source of inspiration. All three characters can be displayed on a wreath or a diaper cake like the one we found on Catchmyparty.

Wild baby shower theme

Here’s a party for which the theme were black and white zebra stripes. It has a lot of lovely things like striped cupcakes, black and white balloons and straws and all sorts of baby shower centerpieces that follow the same theme.{found on hartology}.

Baseball Baby Boy Shower Theme
Baseball baby shower theme

A different option is to be a bit more specific. For example, if you’re searching for baby shower themes for boys, baseball can be a good option. There are a lot of fun things you can do, such as baseball and baseball bat shaped cookies and game ticket invitations. You can also make a garland decorated with baseball uniform items for the baby.{found on couturecakery}.

Colt Baby Shower Themed

Another fun idea can be a Little Buckaroo-themed baby shower. For this one you can use themed banners, you can make cowboy cookies, decorate with cowboy hats or provide them as party hats for the guests and come up with a lot of other themed little details.{found on andeverythingsweet}.


If you want to be even more specific then perhaps the theme for your baby shower can be a cute book for kids that have or know about. A good example is this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom party inspired by an alphabet book. It has a lot of cute things like sprinkle letter cookies, alphabet letter decorations for the dessert table, chalkboard menus and jungle-themed decorations.{found on agoodaffair}.

Dessert car baby shower themed

Do you love trains? Maybe your baby will too. If not, at least you’ll have a great theme for the shower. You can have train tracks installed on a large dessert table and use the toy train to transport goodies to your guests. There’s no need to go overboard with this and not everything has to be train-themed.{found on sheekshindigs}.

Tutut Cute Pink Themed for Baby Shower

Having a girl? Then you have to find an appropriate theme for the baby shower. How about a tutu-themed party? It’s definitely cute and girly and you can have a lot of fun improvising all the decorations, the invitations and everything else.{found on podandpea}.

Baby Shower to Rock

If you want your baby shower to rock, then perhaps you’d enjoy the theme featured on Jatyourservice. It has a ton of great stuff like those monogrammed guitar-shaped cupcake toppers, all the black, blue and white decorations and those cute little shoes that definitely rock. I guess it’s not all scary bats and vampires like some people think.

Cool Pink Baby shower for girls

But if you prefer something a bit more mainstream, then there are always popular themes you can choose from. A little princess-themed baby shower can be adorable and there are a lot of cute things you can add to the list of baby shower decorations. Everything can be customized, including the invitations, the banners, the desserts, glasses, plates, party favors, etc.{found on remarkablehome}.

Baby shower diy projects theme

A strategy can be to pick the theme for the baby shower based on the things you like. For example, if you like DIY projects and enjoy making things yourself, a sewing-themed party could be an attractive idea. Of course, you can find something more appropriate for you if this is not something that defines you.{found on celebrationsathomeblog}.

woodland Bunny baby shower theme

The woodland bunny theme featured on Hwtm looks so cute and adorable it’s impossible not to love it. It has a lot of lovely elements such as confetti paper placemats, succulent centerpieces, a cake with a bunny topper, paper fan decorations and wooden forks decorated with paper flowers.

Ducky punch baby shower

Rubber duckies are cute and funny and something all kids have when they’re little. So why not find a way to integrate them into the whole baby shower theme? Maybe you can have a few small duckies float in the punch bowl.{found on tidymom}.

Milk alholic baby shower theme

If you’re having trouble finding a theme, take a minute to ask yourself “what do babies love?”. Well, they seem to enjoy milk a lot since that’s pretty much all they eat at first. You can turn that into a cute and fun theme for the shower. You can serve milk and cookies to your guests and decorate the tables with all sorts of themed little things.{found on thecakeblog}.

Baby shower raining theme

One of the most ingenious and beautiful ideas we found included planning a shower-themed baby shower. The whole event was taken literary and the party featured artificial clouds, rain, umbrellas and a lot of cute things related to the concept. A rainy day, as it turns out, can be very cheerful.{found on fiskars}.

Food table decoration for baby shower

Similarly, this is also a shower-themed party. It has an umbrella on the porch, customized labels for the water bottles, rain drops, clouds and themed invitations. Surely, you can find all sorts of other cute things to add to such a baby shower.{found on sew-inlove}.

Burn in the oven baby shower theme

You know how people say they have a bun in the oven when they want to let others know they’re expecting a baby? Well, that expression can be the inspiration for a really nice baby shower theme. Give the party a little bit of retro charm and organize a table full of sweets and delicious desserts.{found on greygreydesigns}.

little peanut baby shower

You can also base the theme for your baby shower on a whole lot of other symbols, phrases and terms that have special significance for you. For example, if you got used to call the baby your “little peanut” then there you have it: a perfect theme. Just make sure none of your guests are allergic to peanuts.{found on pizzazzerie}.

Sunshine themed baby shower party

Similarly, if your baby is your sunshine, you can have a really bright and cheerful shower based on this idea. Yellow should be the main color. You can use sunflowers as decorations and all sorts of other suggestive details.{found on karaspartyideas}.

Moon and back baby shower theme

The theme for this baby shower was “Love you to the moon and back” which may seem a bit long and unusual but is actually something we all think. The color palette was white and blue and everything was customized to suit the theme, including the invitations, the desserts, banners, the cake and even the names chosen for the food items such as “shooting star” cookies, mini “moon pies”, “cosmic” cupcakes, etc.{found on pnpflowersinc}.

Welcome to the world baby shower

What do you say to a baby after it’s born? Well, “Welcome To The World” seems to be an appropriate phrase to use for the occasion. Let everything do the same by designing a world’ themed baby shower. Use decorations such as world maps, globes, suitcases and offer food and snacks inspired by different regions in the world.{found on chickabug}.