15 Methods To Turn Wine Crates Into Something Else

The versatility and utility of wooden wine crates has been proven numerous times. At one point we revealed a bunch of great ways to use repurposed wine crates in the house and today we’re back with even more interesting and inspiring ideas. As it turns out, the list is wide open and there are tons of great ways in which wine crates can be transformed into something else.

Create a simple craft table from wine crates

If you want to keep your desk clean and organized, you first need a desk with a design and a structure that allow you to do all these things. The best part about this whole idea is that you can build the desk yourself using wine crates. Four crates are enough to build a strong base with plenty of storage inside.

Decorating with wine crates

Three or four wine crates can be exactly what you need if you want to add some potted plants to your home. By that we mean that you can use the crates to create a display area for the plants which can either sit directly on the floor or can be mounted on the wall. You can also add decorations or paint/ stain the crates.{found on happyinteriorblog}.

NYC Fueled Collective Office Wall Decor From Wine Crates

A really fun and interesting idea for company offices was proposed by the Fueled Collective working space in New York. They have a snack that was built using wine crates. The crates are mounted on the wall at various heights and they serve as box shelves for storing all sorts of sweets, most of them in glass jars.

Focacceria in Modica Restaurant Wall

This Focacceria in Modica, Italy has a large wall unit entirely built out of wine crates. It offers practical storage for a lot of ingredients and has a simple and casual design that could easily be adapted to suit a residential kitchen.

Rustic wine charm for a wine rack

Want a wine rack with a lot of rustic charm? Then take a bunch of old wooden wine or milk crates, clean them to get rid of the dust and visible stains and put them together to form a compact piece that you can then use as a wine rack.{found on acceleratedbaby}.

How to stain wood wine crates

There are a lot of great things you can make using repurposed wine crates and usually the hard part is getting the stain right. Of course, this only applies if you actually want to stain the wood but you can obviously paint it instead or just leave it like that all natural. We just found a great recipe for a DIY furniture stain on Blissfulandblessedkate. It’s made with ½ cup of coffee grounds, steel wool, 6 cups of white vinegar and a sealable container.

Corner wine crates bookcase

If you can find a whole lot of wine crates then you can use them for something a bit more complex such as a bookcase for example. Wine crates are perfect for building a corner unit. Just look how great they fit in here.

Raised dog dishes out of wine crate

Finding a suitable vinyl record storage system is a tricky thing to do. You either have to search for antique pieces, to settle for something modern and out of context or to built the thing yourself. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, we suggest using wine crates. They have the potential to offer you the vintage look you want and they’re really versatile. They also seem to have the right dimensions.{found on evilmonito}.

White wine crate on wheels

There are plenty of ways in which a single wine crate can be all you need for a successful DIY project. For example, turn a wine crate into a cute little coffee table. You can paint it and sand it a little bit to give a distressed finish, add castors and, if you want, a divider so you can split the interior in two storage compartments.

Make a side table from wine crates

Similarly, you can turn a crate into a side table. Stain it to give it a dark and more elegant finish and put four castors on it. That’s pretty much the whole process. This item can replace a nightstand or can become an accessory in a living room or an office.{found on savedbylovecreations}.

Wood crate magazine storage

Another possibility is to use the crate for storage, preserving its initial role. To make it look like this, you need some dark brown stain, a paint brush, medium grit sandpaper, some sisal rope and a drill. Clean off the crate and stain it. Wipe the stain off with paper towels and apply a second coat. Mark where you want the handle to be and then drill holes in those spots. Add the rope handles and you’re done.{found on prettyhandygirl}.

Garden succulent in a wine crate

A wine crate can also become a planter. In fact, you can be creative and turn it into a succulent box. There’s really not a lot you need to do to complete this project. If you want, you can stain the box or just simply clean it. Add the soil, the succulents and that’s pretty much it.{found on katesshortandsweets}.

Wine crates for wedding centerpieces

If you want, you can stack two or three as an interesting way to display a bunch of flowers at a wedding or around the house without needing any special occasion. You can see some moss in between these boxes. They were intentionally placed this way for aesthetic reasons.{found on Love is a Big Deal}.

Wine crate footstool

Here’s another really great idea: turn a wine crate into a comfy footstool. You can raise it with four chubby feet and put a coffee sack on top to make it cushy. It would definitely add character to any room you put it in.

raised dog dishes out of wine crate

And let’s not forget about the man’s best friend. Large dogs find it more comfortable to eat out of a dish that’s a bit raised off the floor. You can use a wine crate to make your dog a raised dish like this one. It’s quite simple actually. Measure the bottom of the bowls and cut out the crate.