Cozy Teenage Girl Room Decor Ideas To Please Any Teen

Young children are easy to please. They are happy with whatever their parents choose for them. When little girls become teenagers, they begin to want things a certain way. Fortunately, there are plenty of cozy teenage girl room decor ideas to please any teen that parents can rely on when creating that perfect room for their little princess. 

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If you want your teenage daughter’s bedroom to last throughout the year, there are plenty of cozy teenage girl room decor ideas to please any teen readily available.  Providing them with cozy teenage girl room decor they love will give them the colors they want for summer and the coziness necessary for the fall and winter seasons. 

Here are a few cozy teenage girl room decor ideas that will be sure to please any teenager

Cozy Teenage Girl Reading Nook

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Even if your teenager doesn’t enjoy reading books, a reading nook can come in handy for other things. Your daughter can curl up with her Nintendo DS, Switch, or smartphone and chill for hours. If you add storage space underneath, it makes the nook more versatile and valuable.

People think a nook is a cozy teenage room decor idea, but often they forget to add things to make it cozy. If you add cushions and stack throw pillows and blankets on the side, you can achieve the coziness every nook deserves.

Triple Beds

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It’s not easy sharing a room as a teenager, but sometimes it’s necessary. This is a great way to give each child their space while saving room for neutral territory. Add a table or gaming center in that space. 

Bunk beds are an obvious choice when you have two kids, but what should you do if you have three? With triple beds, you can put one child on a top bunk while the other two can sleep underneath. 

Wall Shelves

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Wall shelves can save space. Installing shelves on the wall next to your teenager’s bed is convenient because the wall isn’t used for anything else. You can have the storage space reach the ceiling and add a ladder if you have high ceilings.

To make sure the room remains balanced, try adding a half feature wall to the head of the bed. This will cover the head while leaving space for a desk beside the head. This bedroom setup would retain good flow.

Storage For Bunk Beds

Storage For Bunk Beds

This bedroom design is good for multiple reasons. First, it gives the bottom bunk storage space. It also adds color to a neutral bed. More importantly, the storage can serve as a stairwell for whoever sleeps on the top bunk bed. 

There’s no shame in falling off the bed even as an adult. For those who toss and turn, a standard bunk bed isn’t safe. So adding the extra storage that doubles as a safety stairwell is perfect for cozy teenage girl room decor.  

Laminate On The Walls

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This bedroom design can help you save money while providing your teenage daughter with a unique bedroom experience. If they want a feature wall, try using excess flooring to cover it. That way, it will look like a continuation of the floor and make a wonderful area for their bed.

This room is particularly adorable. The taxi theme is so New York City, while other decor includes international characteristics from around the world. If your teenager wants a culturally diverse room, then you should encourage it. 

Hideaway Beds For Ultimate Space Saving

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This is perfect for small spaces but especially a teen’s room. Cozy teenage room decor isn’t easy to display when a bed takes up the entire room. You can turn a large wardrobe into a hideaway or buy one outright. 

Make sure if you do have a hideaway bed to avoid comforters and duvets. You want a simple bedding set that you can fold into the hideaway because a teenager won’t make their bed if they have a hideaway. 

Seating For Friends 

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This works well if you have a hideaway bed. A teenager wouldn’t argue with adding a couch to their room for their friends unless it takes up too much room. If you can include cozy room decor like this, then go for it.

If you have enough room to place the couch against the wall then that would work perfectly. If you want to put a couch in a smaller room, add storage, or even a desk behind it, that would be fine. If you went this route, you would need a couch without a back on one side for desk seating. 

Princess Teenage Girl Room Decor Is Still A Thing

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She may no longer be your little girl, but believe it or not, teen girls enjoy a princess room theme. If that’s what she desires then you can make a cozy teenage princess room just for her.

Focus on heart-shaped decor, fluffy pillows, and pink accents. A big backboard that is ornate or upholstered is ideal. Round accents, bows, and crowns are wonderful additions to a princess room. Although most teenage girls prefer to be called a queen. 

Canopy Teenage Girl Room Beds

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If you still want to add to that princess effect, consider a canopy. Cheap canopies are available that you can buy or build a frame for. If you want to enhance the princess effect, put it over a daybed on a window wall. 

Although you may think of pink or white when you imagine a canopy, remember they can be for boys too. Pick their favorite color and add some privacy to their room. These days, teenagers are okay with having something unique like this without fear of being judged. 

Nautical Never Goes Out Of Style

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Who doesn’t want a pirate ship bed? Even teenagers like themed rooms. Two themes that teenage boys enjoy in particular are pirate and medieval themes. The decor is easy to find and you can make sure it remains mature. 

You can incorporate medieval cozy teenage room decor by adding stuffed dragons and castle-themed furniture. While castle rooms tend to be cold, you can get rustic cottage furniture that has a medieval look.

Shelves For Added Privacy

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If you have two teens sharing a room, chances are they want their individual space. You can use room dividers to divide a room, but that can cramp their space. Remember, Cozy teenage room decor can include cube shelves.  

Cube shelves will keep their room open and airy while dividing it. However, if your teenagers need more privacy, you can add a backing, alternating which shelf has the backing. This way, both kids will have equal storage space. 

Corner Closets

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A corner closet not only divides space but can be added to a room whenever you want. If you don’t have built-in closets but need storage space, you can add a corner closet like this one. It takes an afternoon to install, but it’s worth it. 

Even if teenagers share a room, a corner closet is ideal. It can work as a divider, so each teen feels like they have their space. Just make sure everyone can see the TV from their bed. 

Shelf Of Inspiration

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One fun thing you can do is get shelves for your teen to add all sorts of things they like to it. This isn’t a shelf for necessities or for piling things at the end of the day. This is a shelf that will keep them inspired and driven.

If they aren’t buying their own decor, try setting a budget and letting them roam free online. Add everything they want to the cart and as long as they stay under budget, follow through. 

Circles Add Personality

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This floor may be gorgeous, but the real star here is the round shelves. Most teenagers like to add dynamic shapes to their rooms. There’s something about retro shapes that suggest cozy teenager room decor.

You can make the round shelves with wood or galvanized metal. If you use metal, you may still want to add wooden shelves. This can be done with one bys, two bys, or even plywood which will go further. 

Storage Over The Bed

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While adding personality to a room is important, one of the top priorities for teenagers is storage space. Using every available inch for storage is what most teenage rooms require. Make it easier by adding storage above their bed. 

If you add storage above the bed, you may want to frame the sides. Either with a desk on one side or storage on both sides. Don’t forget to include open shelves for self-expression. 

Making The Most Of A Small Room

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This is an ideal room for a teenage girl. They can enjoy their cozy teenage room decor in a small space with ease. Begin with creating space on either side of their bed. One side can be designated as a walk area while the other could be used for storage and a TV

The foot of the bed can be used as a workspace where they can keep their computer. Don’t forget to add storage wherever possible, even if the only space available is under the bed it would still be appreciated. As a final touch, you can open the floor space with a large rug.

They Just Want To Be Vibing 

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Teenagers want nothing more than to chill with their friends. The term “vibing” describes teen culture. Your teenager’s room is their safe space where they can express themself and chill.

Cozy teenage room decor is important because teens need to feel at home when they are at home. While there may be rules at home, their room is the only place where they can be themselves. Make sure that it stays that way with a room that is uniquely theirs.