4 creative DIY projects for your home office

For most of us, a home office is a must have. We all tend to bring our work home and some of us even work from home. But when you realize you need to decorate this area, things tend to get complicated. Since it’s a part of your home, you want it to feel personal. Still, you also want it to be suitable for work. A great way of achieving that perfect balance is by making your own furniture and decorations.Maybe some pieces are too difficult to make by yourself, such as the desk and chair. But the rest is relatively easy to create if you have time and creativity. Here are four such projects that are both simple and very practical.

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1. Storage unit with wooden boxes.

We all have all sorts of items that need to be stored somewhere. In the office we have all sorts of tools and supplies that need to be put somewhere safe where we can easily find them when we need them.

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This unit does that. To make it you’ll need3 wooden boxes that you can also make by yourself, 4 wooden slats about 1 meter long, wood screws, a screwdriver, tape measure and a pencil. If you already have the boxes, mark the place where you want the rails to go ad attach them with screws. If you plan to store heavy items in them it would be better to glue the boxes to the rails before inserting the screws. It’s a very easy project and it can also be useful in other spaces such as the kitchen.

2. Paper holder made from plastic bottles.

If you usually like to read the paper in your home office then you also need a place to store it after that. This paper holder will take care of that for you. To make this item you need a wooden board, 3 caps of tin cans, screws, scissors, a long screwdriver, pins, tape measure, a wooden cutting board and an awl.

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First you’ll need to cut off the top of the bottles. To avoid deforming them you should use a cutting board. Then make a hole in the center of each lid using an awl or hand drill. Place the lid inside the bottle and screw them to the wooden board. To make the bottles more appealing you can attach ribbons to the edges. Hang the wooden board on the wall and your project is done.

3. Hanging board from old jeans.

When you work with small tools and accessories, it’s easier if you have a place to store them but where you can also easily find them and use them. This hanging board is very useful in such cases.

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To make a similar one you need a rigid board, some denim segments, old jeans, a sewing machine and a stapler. Cut the fabric to the dimensions of the board and then cut off the jeans pockets and belt loops. These will be attached to the board. Sew them using the sewing machine and then secure everything with staples or glue. Add some stud hangers and you’re done.

4. Personalized display frame.

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Having all your tools and accessories nearby is important but your home office also needs some personalized decorations. A photo frame is a simple element to make. You just need a large frame from another project or one made by yourself, wire or thick plastic mesh, furniture stapler, tape measure and pliers or scissors. Measure the frame and then cut the mesh. Attach it to the back of the frame with staples and attach the hangers. Now you can display photos or small items using clothespins.