11 Tips to a More Organized and Stylish Home Office

Home offices tend to be easily attacked by clutter. Bills, letters, magazines, trash, old receipts … paper gets piled and figuring out how to organize the mess and still keep it stylish doesn’t come easy to most. So instead of just telling you how to straighten up your work space, we’re gonna show and tell you 11 easy ways to clean up, organize and make your space more conducive to getting your work done right.

1. Use shelves.

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Shelves not only provide more space to put your “things” but it also gives your office height which elongates the room or nook your using. Not to mention it gets all your stuff off the floor and up where you can find everything!

2. Pick a small place.

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If you really don’t need an entire room for your office, pick out a small space or corner of your home to consolidate. It’s easy to use an entire room to spread out your computer, printer, papers, books and office supplies but if you pick a smaller space it’s an instant clutter reducer!

3. Bring out the baskets.

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Baskets are a great way to organize. And the best part is they’re cute and bring a homey-vibe to your work table!

4.  Clear desk and chairs.

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Using “ghost” chairs and desks are an easy way to bring an illusive element into your decor. It can brighten up a room and also give your work area a breath of fresh air instead of the generic black leather seat that screams, “WORK!”

5. Big cork boards.

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Cork boards are an obvious necessity when it comes to offices. They’re a great place to keep memos in order and to-do lists in place. But if you go Large or even use multiple smalls ones in a nifty design all your own, they serve as a decor piece as well!

6. Keep it romantic.

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Instead of using overbearing patterns or a multitude of colors, keep it simple. A monochromatic theme for a home office will inspire your own creativity without the chaotic eye stimulus!

7. Roll out the cabinets.

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Rolling cabinets are extremely convenient. Need a paper clip? Just roll it over. Need an envelope? Just roll it over. Not to mention, they’re easy to keep concealed and just another way to keep everything need, tidy and put in it’s place.

8. Folding screens.

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I need one of these for myself. They’re fashion forward and great to use for privacy. And this one not only acts as a shield from the rest of the house, but doubles as a cork board!

9. Chalk labels.

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Obviously, labels come in handy when you’re organizing. But once it’s stuck you’ve got to use the container for the same thing every time. With chalk labels all you have to do is erase when you’ve changed the paper tub to the pencil tub!

10. Organize and file papers.

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Make a point to file your papers. If it’s a magazine put it in your magazine rack, if it’s a bill then put it where you won’t forget to pay it and if it’s an old memo to yourself THROW IT AWAY. Stop piling up the paper, and more importantly make sure you recycle. There are so many cute, fun and sleek ways to file and organize so start doing it today.

11. Desk Drawer organizers.

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Where’s my favorite pen?! I know I ask myself that all the time. With desk organizers you’ll have everything right where you expect it to be and not all mixed up in a jumbled mess.

Good luck on your organization adventure. Tackle the problem areas and then have fun decorating to your delight!{picture sources: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11}.