25 Cool Tent Design Ideas For Kids Room

Kids love tents and not necessarily when you all go camping. They just love to have a space that they can crawl up into and where they can feel alone. I remember when I was little that I used to make a tent out of a coffee table and a blanket. I would go inside and play with my toys or just sit there knowing that nobody else can see me.

Put the tent in a corner so you don’t waste lots of floor space

So what we’re trying to say is that tents are very fun for kids and they would definitely love to have on in their room or playroom. It doesn’t have to be a tent like the ones you use when you go camping. In fact, it’s best if it’s not because those don’t let the air circulate. You can make a tent by yourself and maybe even with the help of your kids. It would have to be just a symbolic structure. Pyramid-shaped tents are the easiest to make.

You can make the tent yourself from some fabric and some branches

The tent doesn’t have to be very big nor very complex in design

Put some pillows and a blanket inside to make it more cozy

You can secure it from the ceiling with rope and just build a base that keeps its shape

You can put the tent in the living room if you want to keep an eye on your kid while he’s playing

Let the kids take their toys inside the tent and don’t invade their space

A tent would be a wonderful addition to a playroom

You can find a free corner for the tent in any room of the house

Kids love it when they have a small space which they’re the only ones that can use

Put toy animals and other decorations around the tent to make it look like it’s in a forest

Try to find a tent that can be easily taken apart when not needed

Let the kids decorate the tent as they want

A tent is like a tiny house for the kids and they love the independence

Find a good spot for the tent and leave it there

You can put the tent near a window so the kids will also have light inside

If you want you can make a more elaborate tent with furniture inside

Choose a simple design that’s also child-friendly

You can also take the tent outside in the yard or garden

Built a tent that’s big enough for the kids so they don’t fight over it

You can use bed sheets or linens to make the tent

The tent doesn’t necessarily have to have an entrance

A simple A-shaped structure could be enough if the kids don’t want more privacy

You can use Christmas lights to light up the tent at night

Put lots of pillows inside to make it cozy and comfortable

You can choose a tent that’s colorful or that has a friendly design and you can put it up in a corner of the room or by the bed. Put a blanket inside on the floor so it’s all cozy and warm. You can also put some pillows in case your kid decides to take a nap inside. Tents are very cozy and kids feel safe and secure inside them. It’s a space of their own and they can hide in there and be comfortable.

Published by in Kids, on April 26th, 2013


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