White and sunny Scandinavian house

The Scandinavian style is defined by simplicity and plainness. In most cases, Scandinavian interior decors are white and very simple. This particular house is no exception. All the rooms have white walls, white ceilings and light floors. This makes the house seem very clean and calm. White is a neutral color and it’s sometimes used to create the impression of a larger space. Even though this is not the case, the rooms of this residence seem very spacious.

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The atmosphere inside is very relaxed and tranquil. Sometimes white can be an overwhelming color. However, Scandinavian decors know how to use this color in their favor and to make the best of it. All the rooms are spacious, with no exception. The kitchen is large and part of a larger area. It has white wall cabinets that seem to be part of the walls themselves as well as a white bar. The living room is a combination of black and white. The fireplace and the storage unit are white and almost invisible at first because of their color. They are complemented by black armchairs and accessories.

Minimalistic apartment

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The bedroom is surprisingly large, an impression also enhanced by the white décor. It has a very practical but minimalist storage unit sitting near the windows. The room only has a platform bed and a chair. It’s probably also why it seems so spacious. The minimalism is very evident in this case but it’s also present in its pure form. The lack of unnecessary details and even the lack of furniture creates a very airy atmosphere and a clean and organized look. Here there aren’t any placed where you can hide things. Everything is exposed and very simple.{found on Janne Peters}.