Among concrete home accessories, little plant holders are just about the cutest. They’re perfect for succulent groupings or as small candle holders. They’re pretty easy to DIY too. You’ll need a short list of supplies: A silicone mold, concrete powder, coconut oil, a mixing tub, screw-in cup hooks, craft magnets, and small wooden cubes that fit inside your mold. Drill holes through the cubes as shown so that you can remove them from the concrete. If you want to make these as magnets, glue the craft magnets to the side of the molds first. Prepare the mixture, fill your molds and then push in the coconut-oil coated wooden cubes. Wait one hour for the concrete to start setting. Then, screw the cup hooks into the cubes in order to pull them out of the concrete. Leave the concrete boxes to dry in the molds for at least 24 hours, after which you can remove them and sand down any rough edges. Insert plants or candles and you’re good to go.

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Make Your Own Trendy Concrete Plant and Candle Holders