That extra five-gallon bucket is good for more than just trash or yard waste. Make a padded, upholstered seat with no sewing!  Start by cutting the bucket down a number of inches and sand the bottom level. Mark three points in an even line at four locations on the bucket where the legs will go. Drill holes at all of those locations and using a marker, transfer the dots to four large round poles that will be the legs.  Drill holes in those too. Attach the legs with nuts and long bolts, tightening securely. Glue a large foam round to the bucket, and then cover the side with polyester batting. Trim the top.

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Next, make the cover. Measure the top and height of the seat. Cut a round of fabric and make slits around the edge. Cut a rectangle of the fabric long enough to go all the way around and wider than the height to accommodate the hem and drawstring. Using glue, hem the bottom and insert the twine drawstring as you go. Glue the other end to the round piece of fabric and then close up the side. Draw the upholstery sack over the seat, snug up the drawstring and it’s ready to go. Place it anywhere you need to have a seat.