Simple Pillow Designs You Can Create And Customize Yourself

Pillows offer one of the easiest ways to decorate a home. They always serve a double purpose, regardless of their type. In addition to being cozy and useful, they also make lovely decorations and this inspired a lot of great DIY projects. We’re gathered here a few so feel free to select your favorite ones and turning them into a personalized project.

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We’ll start with three very simple examples. One includes pom-poms while the other two use stripes and triangles to stand out. For the first project all you have to do is made four pom-poms of a color you like and attach them to the corners of your pillow.

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The striped design is really easy to make as well. You can use tape to mark the pattern and then fabric paint for the actual stripes. You can combine as many colors as you like or stick with a monochromatic design.

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The third design is a bit more time-consuming and requires you to cut a series of triangles out of felt or other type of fabric. Then you arrange them onto the pillow in a pattern that you like. Then sue fabric glue to attach them to the pillow one by one.

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Boxwoodavenue offers a different and really chic pom-pom pillow design. To make it, you need a pillow case, pom-pom edging, acrylic paint, glue and tape. Use the tape to make a vertical stripe down one side of the pillow case. Paint the stripe and then apply glue on each outer edge and secure the pom-pom edging on top.

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Another simple design which could look great in pretty much any type of décor is offered on Makeandtell. The design is a dashed grid which you can create using black fabric paint and a fine paint brush. Painter’s tape will help you get the lines straight. First you mark out striped diagonally and start painting dashed lines. Let the paint dry. Remove the tape and repeat the process in the opposite direction.

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A really simple method for decorating plain pillow covers is featured on Simplydesigning. The golden arrows you see here are created using heat transfer vinyl sheets. Once you have the design ready, use your iron to transfer the arrows onto the pillow case. It’s really clean and simple.

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You can also freehand the design if you want. In fact, check out Tidbits for a really cute example. The watercolor pumpkin and the leaf are actually really nice. Of course, you can also use a stencil or print out an image. The project is really fun and you can even get the kids involved.

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If you want a pillow that sends a message, check out tidbits for a few ideas. The patriotic pillow designs featured here are easy to reproduce at home. Similarly, you can come up with your own design. You can change the theme and colors and adapt the design to a particular holiday or season.

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Everyone probably has an old sweater they no longer wear. You can repurpose that and turn it into a pillow cover. You’ll also need a sharpie and, if you’re making the pillow from scratch, some fabric for the interior lining and something to fill the pillow with. Cut out the swatches of fabric and sew them together to create the pillow cover. You should put a zipper on one side. {found on makescoutdiy}

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If you have the time, there’s also the possibility to make a crochet pillow. You’d need yarn in different colors, an old pillowcase, polyfill and basic sewing supplies. If you want to recreate this exact pattern and design, check out whistleanddiy for detailed instructions.