Tower House In Texas

The Tower House is located in Austin, Texas and it is actually a limestone cabin, somewhere along Lake Travis. It has the height and the appearance of a block, but it is an original stone cabin which is juxtaposed with a vertical wooden tower.

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The building has three levels, the third being a terrace from where people can admire the lake and the hills that surround the area;  it is definitely a beautiful place in which groups of friends and family members can gather and enjoy themselves. A porch faces the lake, creating a pleasant, romantic environment, perfect for a summer holiday, but not only for summer.

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This image of  the  “tower house” makes you think about a church or a historic building, but the modern terrace, the use of  glass, wood, the intelligent interior design, the simple but modern furniture make you realize that you find yourself in a place which totally fits in the natural environmnet in which it was built.

The juxtaposed vertical tower proves to be a very intelligent and practical  idea and, at the same time, it gives an air of originality and creates a pleasant  ambient, beingobviously a beautifully executed work. It is the ideal expression of a dream place in which mental and physical comfort are guaranteed.The house was designed by Andersson Wise Architects in 2008.