The Wall House by Adams Mohler Ghillino

Don’t you just love when nature and society peacefully live together? It’s a great feeling. And it’s partially the concept at the base of this beautiful modern house.

The Wall House by Adams Mohler Ghillino2

The House has been beautifully designed to meet the growing family requirements by Adams Mohler Ghillino. The use of solar energy for electricity and water heating are more of a value addition. Besides had the front entrance been direct into the living room by doing away with a separate door, it would have made the living room more spacious. Otherwise the open kitchen and the sliding doors have not just merged the outdoors with the indoors but also given the house a greener ambience.

The house has great architecture and optimum space for a bigger family.  The open space between the dining area and the sitting space on the other side of the house has made both the sides of the house well ventilated. It’s a nice example of modern and elegant structures that we have begun to see more and more often.