The unusual Cedar residence

Architect Tetsuya Nakazono is behind the construction of this strange and unusual yet beautiful cedar residence, which is located in Hiroshima, Japan. The total living surface available for the residence of this house is around 172, 55 Sq. Meters. There is an entrance hall, a master bedroom, a tatami room, and a bathroom in the first floor and after climbing the elegant spiral stairs the upper floor has some semi opened space, which gives a panoramic view of the surroundings, and the third floor has living room, dining room and a kitchen.

The unusual Cedar residence 1

The exterior design is very unusual because in the middle there’s an opening, a space made mostly of glass that seems to split the house into two parts. It looks strange but the space between the two house parts allows you to enjoy the views and the surroundings from inside the house, plus it makes it look strange and modern.

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Except for that unusual feature, the rest of this mansion is quite simple and common. The interior design is simple and beautiful and it has a very friendly look. When you first see this house it might look a little odd and scary but once you understand the reasons and you get to enjoy the amazing views and the cozy atmosphere, you start to look at it differently.