The unique Hitoshi Uchida House

You’ve probably seen plenty of modern houses so the word “modern” or “contemporary” doesn’t really say much to you at this point. However, I can honestly say that this is a unique house, one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a while. The Hitoshi Uchida House is situated somewhere in Kamakura, Japan. I really don’t know the exact location but that’s not very important anyway.

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The beautiful thing about this house, besides the natural landscape surrounding it, is the fact that the interior design is so personalized and so casual that it’s impossible to adapt it somewhere else.

Hitoshi Uchida House kids

This is an interior designed for this home only. As you can see, there are many interesting details, from the furniture to the combination of textures and styles and to the way some decorations seems to have been casually placed there as by mistake. It’s a type of décor that doesn’t seem planned when it actually is.

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Notice the minimalist furniture and all those little details and decorations that make this home unique. I especially like the chandelier from what seems to be a dining room. The furniture seems so old and at one point you even the feeling that you’re in an abandoned old house. Still, this is a contemporary home with a unique interior design. It would be very hard to even try to reproduce the décor.{found on theselby}