The modern home of stylist Louise Kamman Riisin

This beautiful residence is the home of Danish stylist Louise Kamman Riisin. As you can see, it’s a modern but very simple house. Most of the décor is white. In fact, all the rooms have white walls, white ceilings and even white floors. An exception would be the bathroom where we can see a very nice and subtle combination of white and grey.

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The living room shares an open floor plan with the kitchen and dining room. Apparently, some of the walls have been torn down and only a few columns were left for support. Here, almost all the furniture is white. Some exceptions would be the black pendant lamp above the kitchen island, the grey curtains, the black chair or the green patterned rug.

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All these elements create visual contrast and break the monotony while also adding pattern and texture to the décor. The black pendant lamp is particularly beautiful. It’s hanging from a transparent cord but also features a red cord that makes the lamp seem to be floating in the air.

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The bedroom is surprisingly small and casual. It features a bunk bed, of course, white. A tiny nightstand seats near it and there’s a bunch of pictures and small accessories above it. The rug is again an element that adds not only color but also texture. The rest of the house is just as simple, casual and stylish. It’s almost entirely white with a few items here and there that add color and contrast.{found on Bolig}.