The Luxurious Mykonos Panormos Villas In Greece

Greece is a very beautiful country and one of the most popular destinations for tourists every year. The views are wonderful and the resorts are always spectacular. There are many options to choose from but today we’re only focusing on one: the Mykonos Panormos Villas. It’s a private community of 11 homes. They are all luxurious and very beautiful.

Mykonos panormos villa

The community is overlooking the Panormos Bay so the villas benefit from stunning views. This is a detail that makes even more amazing. Of course, there are other features that contribute to this overall impressive loom and atmosphere. The villas are very stylish. They are all unique but they also all share a series of features that makes them special.

Mykonos panormos villa1

Mykonos panormos villa2

For example, they feature a traditional whitewashed style and they are decorated with bright colors, blue accents and a very balanced and chic combination of shades throughout.

Mykonos panormos villa3

Mykonos panormos villa4

In addition, the villas also have wonderful outdoor areas. You can relax by the pool, have a cold drink and admire the views. What could be better? Then you get to take a walk on the beach and get back to your bedroom. There a very serene and calm atmosphere awaits you.

Mykonos panormos villa5

Mykonos panormos villa6

The wooden beams with a worn finish are just charming. There’s also the very nice combination of white and breezy blue. Throughout the villas there’s this very nice traditional décor that’s also simple and chic. Everything seems light and transparent. The windows let in lots of natural light and they also provide wonderful views.

Mykonos panormos villa7

Mykonos panormos villa8

Mykonos panormos villa9

Mykonos panormos villa10

Mykonos panormos villa11

This particular living and dining area is very charming. The wooden ceiling and the beams add warmth to the room while tiled floors are a very practical choice. The earthy colors add character to this place and not just inside. The exterior is very charming as well and allows it to integrate into the landscape beautifully.